We're your Gemini Legacy connection!

Are you aware that The Catamaran Company has Catamaran Centers in three locations on the east coast? How about the fact that we have offices in seven locations? Each catamaran center offers great advantages with regards to location. Due to the proximity of the St. Augustine Catamaran Center to the manufacturing location of Gemini Catamarans here in Florida, the St. Augustine Team has been a key player in the inspection and delivery of all the New Gemini Legacy 35 catamarans as they leave the factory.

St. Augustine Marine Center's secured yard offers dry storage rates varying from $10 a foot per month depending on size, exclusive of electric. Prefer in the water dockage? On a limited basis via the Anchorage Inn and Marina located downtown St. Augustine, the same $10 a foot per month is available, similar terms apply. Looking for amenities? Comachee Cove Yacht Harbor is your Northeast Florida destination at a very reasonable $15.75 per foot, again terms do apply. So for the catamaran seller, The Catamaran Company - St Augustine is a premier destination if you are looking for value while your catamaran is for sale.




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