Bareboat Charter Management Program

The British Virgin Islands and the island of Tortola exists in one of the most beautiful and well preserved natural environments rivaling just about any place in the world to visit. Tortola offers the perfect charter location and the highest return of charter income in the charter industry. The Catamaran Company in Tortola is well known for quality service and high level of maintenance. With over 25 years of experience in the British Virgin Islands and our catamaran technicians, your maintenance of your catamaran will not be ignored. As an owner of a Catamaran we think that you would be pleased to know that you are in the right place with the right people.

5 Good reasons to place your bareboat catamaran in our charter program

  1. Unlimited owner usage
  2. Our Customer Service with exceptional charter base
  3. Potential Tax Benefits
  4. High percentage of income against expenses
  5. Choice of Makes, models, equipment & usage

New Catamarans: Premier Fleet

The Catamaran Company offers the highest rate percentage of charter revenues than any other charter Company in the industry. Upon purchasing your choice of layout, model & size you earn up to 77% of all charter revenue for up to 3 years.

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Pre-Owned Catamarans: Cruising Class Fleet

Purchase a pre-owned catamaran not older than 2 years of age of your choice and consider placing into charter fleet for 1 year subject to charter inspections. Earn up to 70% of charter revenue.

Or if your choice of catamaran is 2 years or older, earn up to 60% charter revenue.

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