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Total Solar Eclipse Rare Charter Sale

Awesome Totality Sale is being celebrated during the Eclipse at The Catamaran Company by offering 20% discount for remainder of 2017* and January 2018 for bareboat & Crewed charter in Tortola, BVI and 15 % discount for entire month of February 2018.

This deal is valid for a very limited time. You can book Presidents Week in February 17 - 24 for 15% less. Hurry, as offer expires Monday 21st August 11.59pm!

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This is the first total Solar Eclipse visible from locations in mainland Untied states since 1979. We are offering a charter special during this very special time to book a luxury catamaran with our without Skipper in our company owned fleet in Tortola. BVI

Totality will last 2 mins 40 secs. Our charter deal will last until Monday 21st of August, 11.59pm.
Warning! Never look directly at the Sun during this eclipse and ensure you book by August 21, 2017!

(*Does not include Xmas or New Years Week)


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It takes about 375 years for a Total Solar Eclipse to happen again at a specific location.
Totality can last from a few seconds to a maximum of 7 mins and 30 secs.
A Solar Eclipse always happens 2 weeks before or aftr a Lunar Eclipse.

View our fleet of Lagoon & Gemini Catamarans in Tortola, BVI.
Our fleet consists of new Gemini Legacy 35 catamarans, new Lagoon 380’s, new Lagoon 42, 45 and 52 catamarans.

Enjoy our awesome totality discount of 15 - 20% off during this very special time. Offer Valid until August 21st, 2017

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Photo Credit :Nicolas Claris