Gemini Catamarans – Vive La Différence – To Sun or Not to Sun

Gemini Catamarans offer options that allow you take in as much or as little of the elements as you wish. A day of sunshine? No problem. Need a little shade or an enclosure to keep the weather out, we’ve got you covered!

Have you ever noticed how the weather can change your attitude?  How a little rain with cloudy skies make you run for a warm blanket or fireside seat making you want to curl up with a good book?  Or how a little sunshine puts that spark back in your eye and a spring in your step as you rush outside to take in a little adventure?

Truth is, both scenarios are good ones and one might say even needed to live a full and happy life. So I am not going to compare and contrast the weather nor discuss the pros and cons of sunshine.  Instead we are going to talk about all the different way Gemini Catamarans allow you to enjoy the sun – a lot or a little – the choice is yours!

Our most popular option for the cockpit cover is the hardtop bimini.  The design has changed a bit through the years so the style and shape you may be expecting on the Gemini 105Mc vs the Gemini Legacy 35 and the Gemini Freestyle models are slightly different, but the end result is the same.  Full on shade from overhead.  The Legacy 35 has two tinted hatches that allow for extra visibility of the sails but the cockpit itself offers full shade.

On Freestyle 37, Gemini introduced an option called “Plexiglas Cover in Hard Top Canopy.”  While sitting in the open cockpit of this model you feel like you are sailing under one of those nifty panoramic sunroofs you see in the newer model vehicles.  The beauty of this “sunroof” however is the Plexiglas cover is one piece, making it sturdy enough for sunbathers to roll their towels up on top and truly be one with the sea and the wind.

The next ingenious item Gemini’s design team came up with was the installation of a shade sail on the Freestyle 399 Power.  To me this ties the power version back to Gemini’s roots as a sailing vessel.  The shade’s triangular design is a nod to the main sail on our Legacy and Freestyle 37 Sail models.  It gives a sexy South Beach Miami vibe to the boat while offering protection to those who have had enough sun for the day.

Finally I would be remiss not to mention two additional options offered on Gemini models that not only provide protection from the sun but also the elements and increase the living space.  These are the “Cockpit Enclosure with Isenglas and Bugscreens” on the Legacy 35 and the “Front & Sides Cockpit Enclosure” on the Freestyle 37 Sail.  On the Legacy 35, this option truly does double the living space.  With the enclosure on and the door open from the salon to the cockpit, any air conditioning or heating element you have also added to your Gemini flows freely through both spaces.  On the Freestyle 37 Sail it allows you to fashion the open cockpit space into a protected family room if you will to watch football via satellite on a lazy fall Sunday afternoon or set up sleeping bags and blow up mattresses for an overnight or weekend on a mooring ball.  Endless possibilities.

Remember, Gemini Catamarans is constantly polling for owner and charter guest feedback.  These options are a direct result from someone’s idea.  What’s yours?

Gemini Catamarans, vive la différence, to sun or not to sun? That is the question.  The answer is yours! 

Bring it On!