Gemini Catamarans – Vive La Différence

Gemini Catamarans embraces change by offering affordable customizable options on all their models while retaining their value and brand identity as a fast, family-friendly catamaran available to everyone.

I am often struck by the similarities in life.  Coincidences many people call them.  Others say it is a spiritual connection that causes people in different parts of the world to seemingly come up with the same idea at the same time with no conceivable way for them to have access to the same knowledge base.  Perhaps it’s my age, my generation, but I am fascinated how we started over 60,000 years ago as one small group of people who them broke up into smaller tribes and explored the world, making it what it is today.

I remember one of the first thought provoking books I read that was not an educational assignment.  It was the early 1990s, the book was “Global Village: Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century.”  It explored the effects of technology, how it shrunk the physical world into a “global village”.  Funny thing is it focused on electricity and how it was the nerve center of our world.

Fast forward 25 years and it was all about homogenization.  How globalization was making us all the same.  That diversity was being replaced with the pursuit of “normal.”  A normal created by the media and marketed through social media, developing a need for us to fit in, to become like everyone else. Basically going back to 60,000 years ago, once again validating the theory that the more we change, the more we stay the same.

I would argue that this entire cultural macrocosm lives deep within each of us. On some level we will always long to be part of a group, know who our tribe is.  We see that through the popularity of DNA testing and heritage exploration of 23 & Me and  We also see it in social media, through Facebook and on blogs, the excitement a Gemini owner expresses when they sail passed or moor next to one of their own.  Model does not matter, it’s the ancestry of the brand that brings that sense of belonging.

The need for safety, security and stability is also part of the human condition.  We are influenced by what the media and popular cultures says we should.  Think Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, McDonalds, The Gap, WalMart.  These brands emulate consistency, no matter where we are in the world, we can find these places that allow us to assimilate to our new environment.  With over 1200 vessels sailing the seven seas, Gemini Catamarans brings us the confidence we need in an American made brand.  It is a catamaran that has stood the test of time and is recognizable worldwide.

This strength in brand leads to the final piece of our triad, and full circle.  We all have a need to be special.  The one little thing that makes us stand out from the rest.  In a world striving for global homogenization, the theory that the smaller our world becomes through technology, the more we strive for what the media and marketing tells us is “normal”, it is nice to know that Gemini Catamarans stands behind the old French adage, “Vive La Différence!”

Over the next few weeks, we will focus on the many options available on our Gemini Catamaran models, starting by exploring the latest ideas and options developed along with our emerging Gemini Freestyle line, both sail and power.  Many of these options are also available on our Gemini Legacy 35, those will be notated in the upcoming news bites. 

Now is the time to embrace your own personal perspective and differences in what you find important to your enjoyment on the water.  Once again Gemini Catamarans delights and surprises by bringing customization levels that are normally reserved for high dollar options and lengthy production turnarounds to the masses.

This is something Gemini has always done well, creating “every man’s” boat.  That catamaran that is just as fun and affordable to purchase as she is to own.  Bring it On!