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CatCo Beams Cat Woman to New CatCo Building in Tortola, BVI.

New Tortola Office Integrates Operation, Providing Better Service to Guests and Owners Alike

Ok, so no charter specials this time around but an announcement of our new Catco building that will certainly impress all our Catco Owners & Guests!

Notice "Cat Woman" on the roof of our new charter building? We thought it appropriate considering we only deal with cats and not only that but the majority of the women who work at CatCo actually run Catco so they are technically "Cat women". So we decided to beam Cat woman through our 'Bat Logo' that also seems somehow relevant when it comes to Cats to the top of our roof. We also want to introduce our ultimate Cat Owner, Mel Maddalene, owner of 3 Lagoon catamarans and we think she simply purrs spectacular...

Here Cat woman on the roof is surrounded by over 30 more good looking stealth type cats!

CatCo has been in the Cat business since 1989. That's over 30 years of exclusively Cat Business run by Cat Women! Not only that, but we continue to be the catalyst in the cat industry by selling over 120 Cats per year. That's more than any other cat dealer in the United States! And we have more "Cat Women"who own multiple boats in our charter fleet like our Ultimate Cat Owner, Mel Maddalene

CatCo strives to improve their service to Guests and Owner's offering sexier looking cats and bigger cats too. Did you know we were the first to go exclusively cats, and the first to introduce a 50 footer in the bareboat cat world?

Not only that we were the first to offer the Lagoon 57 in bareboat cat charter and we even considered a larger one for all those cat enthusiasts.

People thought it was raining Cats' and dogs when we did this but we start cat trends and we continue to do so.

Our very wise cat woman, base manager Marianne that has been with Catco for over 30 years has now developed CatCo dedicated facilities to better serve our guests. Catco has modernized and upgraded everything for our Cat Owners and Catco guests. From a better receptionist area with more waiting space for guests to relax before boarding their yachts, complete with Air conditioning and landscaping to state of art all new his-n-her bathrooms, complete with a shower!

We do need to point out that we are in the SAME MARINA using the same dock although we have added 1 dock in front of the office. Our Catco guests have access to pool and walk to the restaurant and bar while waiting for their cat.

So we introduce you our new space in Hodges Creek Marina, BVI. Join us for a cat sailing vacation or consider purchasing a Cat to join our fleet in Tortola, BVI. If you are Looking for an Owner's reference then Meet Mel, Our Ultimate Cat Owner.

We are The Catamaran Company, a catalyst for new & better things in the cat industry.

The Catamaran Company sets the tone with a brand new office at Hodges Creek Marina. Come sail the sunny skies, brisk breezes and crystal clear waters of the BVI.

To kick off the new cruising season in the British Virgin Islands, long time charter fleet operator, The Catamaran Company, opens a brand new office. Yes, you read that correctly, new construction on Tortola! A project planned since moving to Hodges Creek Marina in 2013, focused on providing a better experience for charter guests and owners.

Base Manager Marianne Doux-Laplace, a strong and solid CatCo constant since opening in 1989, stated “we have developed CatCo dedicated facilities to better serve our guests. We have modernized and upgraded everything. From a better reception area with more waiting space for guests to relax before boarding their yachts, complete with air conditioning and landscaping, to state of the art all new his-n-her bathrooms, complete with a shower!”

For those of you who have been to Hodges Creek Marina before, this is truly a luxury! Prior to this new construction and move to the new building, all guests of any operator at the marina used a shared restroom facility back behind the building, next to the ice chest. You even had to walk through someone else’s workshop. CatCo has really stepped up their commitment to service excellence, and not just for the guests.

Owners of a yacht in the company’s boutique fleet will be pleased to see that this move puts the base management team front and center! Now located between the docks, the office is fully integrated and easily accessible during all turn around, maintenance and service processes and procedures. To that, a more adapted workshop is in progress to maximize and facilitate maintenance and repairs making operations more efficient and cost effective for the owners while keeping everything out of site from charter guests.

So how does this effect your holiday? Well, it’s all about setting the tone. One might not think that a warm, friendly welcome and nice comfy spot to sit while waiting to complete boarding paperwork does not make a difference, but statistics will tell you that perception is reality and a positive environment brings positive results. Attitude and ambience affects us in everything from productivity at work to our ability to relax and enjoy ourselves. Therefore the fact that there is an air conditioned restroom with a shower after a long day of travel to the island that you could use to freshen up will indeed make you happier - even if you do not take advantage of it!

BVI sailing vacation

And then there is the effect having a new workshop, expanded office space and proximity to the docks has on the team. Have you ever sat back and simply watched The Catamaran Company on a busy Saturday while yachts are coming in at 10am, having a complete turn around and then boarded by new charter guests after 5pm? Seven hours to schlep cleaning supplies, new sheets and pillows, linens, and a myriad of other items for the inside. Seven hours to dive the bottom, check all systems, top off all fluids from fuel to engine oil to water for showers and the heads. Seven hours to insure the sails and rigging are in working order along with the anchor and rode. Imagine a complete overhaul, inside and out, for up to 35 yachts at a time? It’s an extraordinary endeavor and the team at The Catamaran Company does it all like Olympic synchronized swimmers ... seemingly effortless and full of grace.

All this happens so when you step aboard your charter to spend your first night at the docks, it looks and feels like a high end luxury condo on the water. Setting the stage for a restful evening and an early morning. Once the sun rises, your journey truly begins as you are greeted with Mynova’s huge smile. Mynova will walk you through all the necessary paperwork along with rules and regulations of the islands and then put you in que for your handover. Handover is when you get to show your knowledge! A member of CatCo’s team will request permission to come aboard to review the owner’s manual, all the systems and insure you are comfortable with your catamaran and the journey ahead. Are you ready for the journey?? Good .. because here we go ...

Encompassing more than 50 islands, spread across nearly 1000 square miles, and home to scores of anchorages, the British Virgin Islands can be mastered only with a certain amount of moxie. White sand beaches, excellent diving and snorkeling, turquoise crystal clear water, scenic hiking, and heavily poured rum drinks mean the options here are truly endless. There are a fascinating number of things to do on the islands - life here is not all hammocks and piña coladas. From festivals to diving, from strenuous hiking trails to hidden tide pools, each of the islands in the area has plenty to offer to keep you busy if a full day at the beach isn’t your thing.

The Catamaran Company is the premier charter fleet and management team on the island. They are who you want to charter with, and this is why. They were the first company with a catamaran only fleet, which means they are the expert in the field of catamarans, sail and power. They were the first to charter catamarans throughout the Caribbean, including Tortola ... long before anyone else, when you’re only choice was a heeling, deep draft monohull. They were the first to introduce catamaranser to United States charter guests. And they have not rested on their laurels. They keep testing, they keep soliciting guest and owner feedback, they keep getting better, they keep innovating - did you know they were the first to offer green propulsion? They were! And before it was fashionable.

You may learn all about The Catamaran Company on their website Interesting information about their long history in the industry and how they soared to become worldwide leaders. There is even an itinerary with some of their favorite things to do and see. Below is one I am particularly fond of, especially for the first time traveler to the islands as it hits all the major spots typically talked about at cocktail parties when your back home J

Assuming a Saturday to Saturday charter ...
Saturday: For those that may arrive early to the island and are wondering what to do while you are awaiting your 5pm boarding time, take advantage of Sage Mountain National Park. Mount Sage stands at 1,716 feet overlooking Tortola. It’s one the best hiking opportunities in the country. You get phenomenal views of the island chain. If you’re looking to do some hiking on the island, this is the area to do it in. The entrance fee is $3 USD and it is diverse enough to be enjoyed by the casual as well as the avid hiker.
Enjoy dinner on your yacht at the docks, providing a great chance to meet fellow sailors that you will likely run into as you traverse the islands. Don’t feel like cooking, Tamarind Club is an easy cab ride offering a nice variety with local flair. Or take it all in at Cane Garden Bay. The center of activity, this northwestern beach offers great food (be sure to order an actual “Cheeseburger in Paradise” right on the beach), go or snorkel around the beach’s western edge, or enjoy an evening drink listening to one of many live bands.
Sunday: Set sail for either Marina Cay or Trellis Bay for the night. It is a short sail for your first day but it will set you up for a fun happy hour in Marina Cay and hilarious dinner entertainment on Bellemy Cay at “The Last Resort.” Sleep well under starry skies as tomorrow you will want to start early!
Monday: Get ready for a great sailing day. Get an early start and sail up to Monkey Point on Ghana Island. Monkey point is a wonderful place to snorkel. After Monkey Point, head out for a full day's sail to The Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda. While this is not necessarily a budget-friendly option, the Bitter End Yacht Club is the Caribbean’s premiere water sports resort. The Bitter End is uniquely situated along a mile of shorefront where you can hike trails, yoga classes, learn water sports, eat and drink well. This is one of the nicer spots along the sailing route through the islands.

Giant granite boulders strewn higgledy-piggledy form watery grottoes and a virtual Holy Land of fish—and snorkelers and explorers. Here's how to make the most of a day at the Baths on Virgin Gorda:
1. Go as early as you can. The water will be cleaner and clearer, and you'll avoid the crowds.
2. Travel as light as possible. There's no place to stash your bag while you frolic with the fish.
3. Wear very strong sunblock.
4. Don't be intimidated by the tiny opening at the entrance to the Baths. It might appear to be claustrophobic from the outside, but once you get in, the rocks open up to form cathedral-like spaces.
5. Don't worry about food and drinks. There's a snack bar on the beach, or you can walk up the hill to the Top of the Baths, a full-service restaurant.

Tuesday: Get an early start and sail downwind the beautiful coast of Virgin Gorda to the Baths. Spend some time checking out these cool rock formations. After crawling through a tiny opening, you are surrounded by gigantic granite boulders nestled on each other with streams of water flowing all around them. It’s beautiful. There are nooks and crannies to explore everywhere. After wading through water and climbing over rocks, you find yourself in tide pools that collect between the boulders on your way to Dead Man’s Beach. The Baths are beautiful. Don’t miss them!
After the Baths, set your sails to Manchaneel Bay on Cooper Island. There something for everyone ... snorkeling, beach, restaurant, bar and even a boutique to go shopping. Looking for something a little off the beaten path? Try wandering the empty Salt Island. This tiny, deserted, out-of-the-way island is filled with once-important salt ponds. The island was owned by a family that paid an annual rent to the Queen of England of a single one-pound bag of salt. Now, it’s deserted as the last of the family members died years ago and the island is in legal limbo. There’s snorkeling on the outer reef and you can take a dinghy to visit the deserted town near the salt pools. It’s like something out of a creepy horror movie.
Divers in your group? Considered one of the most impressive dive and snorkel sites in the world, the RMS Rhone was a mail ship that crashed in the nearby reef and is now its own artificial reef, home to thousands of different fish and coral. It’s a must for every diver. Right off the coast of Salt Island!
Wednesday: A hop and a skip southwest brings you to Norman Island. Start by exploring the Caves; then head over for a drink at Willy Thornton. This old boat turned floating bar is where everyone goes wild in the British Virgin Islands. I’ve seen old ladies doing body shots here while young guys chug beer and jump off the boat naked. It’s always a wild day on Willy T’s. Next up Jost Van Dyke, snag a mooring ball near Sandy Cay for an evening swim to this little piece of paradise before turning in.
The party island of the British Virgin Islands, Jost sees a lot of day-trippers from St. Johns, along with yachties coming into the harbor making a beeline for the Soggy Dollar Bar. The bar’s signature drink is a Painkiller (rum, pineapple and orange juice, and fresh nutmeg), and everyone drinks them! White Bay is where all the action is, but I prefer it early in the morning before all the day-trippers have come into full swing, if you know what I mean ;-) The extensive white sand beaches are deserted as the sun rises.

Be sure to visit the bubbly pools on the other side of the island where the incoming water rushing into this tiny tide pool creates a whirlpool effect. It’s an easy float from Jost Van Dyke to Smuggler’s Cove or Soper’s Hole. Both are good places to pick up last minute souvenirs for the folks back home.

Enjoy a little chanllenge? Try finding all of this local delectable tastes. Submit your favorite in each category for a chance to win 50% off your next charer with The Catamaran Company:

  • SEA GRAPE WINE: A holiday must-have. The grapes are harvested and soaked in alcohol for several years before the brew is bewitching enough to drink.
  • MAUBEY: A fermented, non-alcoholic beverage made from the bitter bark of the maubey tree.
  • COCONUT TARTS: Sweet and rich, with fresh coconut, coconut milk, and cream.
  • GUAVA JAM: No self-respecting Belonger would dream of eating toast without this sticky concoction.

Friday: Peter Island makes a perfect last stop. An island of luxury in a sea of indulgence. All around you, in the quietude of this private Eden, there is beauty to behold, majestic vistas painted by the sun and sky, accompanied by the timeless sonata of wind and sea. Home of Peter Island Resort and Spa, there are five powder white sand beaches, a full service spa, fine dining with dancing and the ever important fuel dock to fill up before zipping back to Hodges Creek Marina for your 10am Saturday morning return.

So what are you waiting for??!! Contact The Catamaran Company today by emailing or calling (800) 262.0308.

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