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Imagine yourself aboard a stunning Bali 4.0 catamaran, cruising the turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands. The Bali 4.0 boasts a unique feature: a garage door that opens up, creating a spacious and airy living area. Soak up the sun on the deck, enjoy refreshing drinks from the galley, and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Sleeps 8 comfortably in 4 cabins with 4 bathrooms

Sleeps 8 comfortably in 4 cabins with 4 bathrooms

Sleeps 6 comfortably in 3 cabins with 3 bathrooms

See how the Bali 4.0 catamaran can elevate your next adventure!

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Explore the BVI at your own pace


  • Bareboat Charter: Captain the catamaran yourself (experience required).
  • Captain Charter: Hire a skipper to navigate the islands and relax.


An iconic destination in the BVI, offering a relaxed island atmosphere and stylish gastronomy. This legendary resort in the heart of the BVI's North Sound offers an unforgettable escape. Dive into adventure (snorkeling, diving, kiteboarding) or relax with world-class dining, luxurious accommodations, and a pampering spa. Every day at 5pm, feed the tarpons! Saba Rock caters to all, from day-trippers to long-staying guests. Come experience the Caribbean's free spirit and laid-back charm!

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