Crewed Yacht Charter – All Inclusive Sailing Vacations MOON BLOSSOM / Leopard / 50.00 Ft’
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February 2023

Jamie & Thea,

I'm struggling to put into words how truly AMAZING this trip has been. The service felt next level. Every detail is so well thought out and you welcomed us into your home with open arms.

Every part of our journey was magical. And all of your recommendations were spot on! The Indians offered the best snorkeling. Copper Island and The Bitter End were fantastic overnight stays. Night swimming is a must! Anegada was the biggest surprise and probably our boat's favorite experience.

Jamie you are incredibly thoughtful and kind. You were extraordinarily patient with our entire crew. And you explained everything so well! Thea, you are a force of nature! You're freaking hilarious and you added the proper amount of "mom" to our trip. Every meal was dynamite too!

I want to make something super clear for anyone reading this: you guys helped create (and were a large part) or one of the most UNBELIEVABLE trips of our lives. Whether you know it or not, we will always remember you gus and how special you made my 50th birthday. We will send more folks your way and I hope we are able to stay in touch in some small way.

Thank you both from the bottom on our hearts
-Jason and Sarah
-Bob and Mary
-Brendan and KElly

PS. Hopefully the memory of how much wine we spilled will fade away and be replaced by fond thoughts for "at sea with '73"

March 2023

What an unforgettable trip aboard the Moon Blossom...

Captain Jamie and Chef Thea - we can't thank you enough for your hospitality, wit, professionalism, delicious food, and cheekiness!

Our high maintenance crew appreciate you and will never forget Stephanie's 40th birthday!

The first seafood tower was incredible. We ill tease Matt every time he asks for ketchup going forward(lol) and we will use cheeky chick and oye in our conversations.

May you enjoy the rest of your year sailing and enjoy time with your grandson in October.

Thank you & Bon voyage

Stephanie and Brad
Kelly and Dominico
Nicole and Matt
-Atlanta, GA

PS - ask for a tattoo at Willy Ts!

Trip of a Lifetime

Jennifer and I have looked forward to this trip of a lifetime and it has far exceeded our expectations!! Everything has been magnificent. You guys are fantastic hosts and we hope to travel with you again one day! We will miss you guys.
~Howard and JJ

We had our 20th anniversary and my 50th birthday trip was and It was the trip of a lifetime!
Thea and Jamie are amazing! We will be back.

Thank you so much,

~April and Chip

Wow, where do I start? Jamie and Thea? You two have been amazing from the moment we arrived on board until sadly we had to step off. Everything has exceeded our expectations. We never worried about a thing. Trusted our week completely to you both. Thea, you are an amazing chef, producing awesome meals. You are always on point. Also, we enjoyed watching your first mate skills and keeping Jamie straight. Conversations with both of you were also very enjoyable. Jamie, your calmness and competence were very soothing throughout the week. We love your laugh, and the agendas for each island were perfect!
We can’t thank you enough for a perfectly amazing week! It was so fun and relaxing. We hope to see you again somewhere! Best wishes always and much love!

~Hank and Donna

-The Appletons

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May 2023

Jamie & Thea,

As we depart for Tortola after 6 glorious days in the BVI, we can't imagine our experience could have been any better without the hospitality and caring of the Moon Blossom Captain and crew, Jamie & Thea. You have made a lifetime of memorable moments for us, the exquisite food, seamlessly executed itinerary and great conversations. Thank you for contributing to our experience and making our first trip to the BVI among the top memories we have had for our lifetime.
Jeff & Brenda

May 2023

Dear Jamie & Thea,

Thank you for creating the most wonderful experience for us. I never thought I would experience such luxury and simplicity (5 star dining al fresco then sleeping under the stars!) delivered with care, fun and humor.

Jamie's itinerary and seamanship were perfect - thank you for all the activities, reservations and dinghy rides. Thea - you are a fabulous chef and storyteller. Thank you both for keeping us entertained.

The only thing I would do differently is spend more time with you - everything else was perfect. Please know, we will always remember you and find us anytime in R.I.

Martha & Doug

November 2019

Thea & Jamie,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This trip was absolutely amazing and incredible. Thank you all for the laughs and guidance in every activity, the AMAZING food, and just the best friendship we have formed! I loved every second of this dream tip and am so sad to be leaving Moony (aka Moon Blossom). Thank you times a million!

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November 2019

Simply pit - AMAZING!! OUTSTANDING!! Our week's journey passed too fast, packed with so much exploration but not without relaxation. We ate like Kings & Queens and were spoiled rotten. Thea - our Thanksgiving dinner was FABULOUS - your sweet thoughtfulness to research and gather all of the traditional food to make your home our home away from home for Thanksgiving. Moon Blossom & you are BOTH a TREASURE!! Our first charter will certainly not be our last.
Maria & Todd
PS Please look us up if you are ever in Boston!

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Guest Comments
Guest Comments
Thanksgiving 2019

Thea & Jamie -
Wanted to express how amazing the trip was. First, the boat - Moon Blossom is beautiful and unbelievably comfortable. Everyone had their own space and the fly bridge is nothing short of awesome. Second, the islands - the anchorages, scenery, and activities were exactly what we were looking for. Last, but certainly not least, the Crew - you guys are great. No matter the situation you guys nailed it. Every anchorage was just right, every meal was spot on, you engaged but provided space, the little details were awesome and the Thanksgiving meal was memorable. Everything you did was classy and well thought out. Not only will we be back but we'd be happy to share our great experience with anyone who asks.
-Todd, Maria, Will, Emma

New Years 2019/2020

Thanks for a fantastic week of fun. The sailing, scuba, snorkeling, drinks and just plain relaxing were absolutely wonderful. Your attention to every detail in ensuring our comfort was truly appreciated from chilling the wine to bringing in the dinghy to greet us from the bars and nightlife of the islands! We hope to all return to the BVI soon, hopefully reuniting us again some day!

Warm regards,
Andre, Trish, Rachel, Lily & Ryan

January 2020

Dear Jamie & Thea,
Let us as well express our gratitude to spending a week with you on Moon Blossom. EVERYTHING was prefect, from the wonderful cooking, navigating, mooring sites, snorkeling (you still owe us a turtle!) and accommodations. It was as well a pleasure to get to know both of you and converse over a myriad of topics. We clearly made the right choice in choosing you guys and Moon Blossom. Not only that, but we greatly appreciate you controlling the weather for us!
Echo above. Getting to know both of you was a wonderful experience. The entire week was Spectacular.
-Susan & Michael

Dear Jamie & Thea,
Ed & I join in Michael & Susan's note. What an amazing week!! Thank you for making it so terrific! Wishing you fair winds!
-Debbie & Ed

Thanks for a wonderful week and taking us to some spots that were new to us in spite of several previous BVI trips. The food and hospitality have been amazing
-Steve & Mimi

Guest Comments
January 2020

Thank you so much for making this bucket list trip totally fabulous! You were both so gracious and hospitable. The sailing and motoring was beautiful, safe and fun. The food was over-the-top wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed your company. You are both awesome!
-Pam & Jeff

It has been a pleasure to meet you guys! It has also been a great week of snorkeling ad navigating to all the awesome islands in the BVI. Thea, your food was so special! You both took such good care of us and made us feel right at home.
Love ya!
-Joe & Carol

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect crew for the six of us. We now consider you friends as well, and would love to have you visit us in Texas. Thanks for a first class trip, and we appreciate your professionalism.
Mary & Henry

Guest Comments
February 2020

Jamie & Thea -
Wonderful adventure on Moon Blossom with great company, wonderful food & hospitality. Thank you so much for a great week!!
-Bob & Linda

Jamie & Thea -
Thank you so much for a wonderful seven night BVI adventure. Great food, friendship & laughter. We had a wonderful time!
RJ & Lisa

Guest Comments
December 2021

Jamie & Thea-
Thank you for a fantastic trip. Loved the new boat. We were so happy to be your first trip in the BVI post-covid.
Fantastic food and views. Gary enjoyed being able to help sail. We all enjoyed being pampered for an entire week. You create such a fun and friendly atmosphere on board that makes each day a joy.
We hope to be sailing with you again!

Marilyn & Nelson, Ellen & Justin, Gary & Ginny

You're always welcome in Texas!

Christmas 2021

Jamie & Thea,
Thank you for a wonderful vacation! Everything was amazing! We are so glad we finally made it even though COVID is still around. We will miss being so pampered and all the great times we had with you! We hope to be able to come back and do it again in the future. I hope you get to see your grandson in person very soon.

All our best,
Gerard, Susan, Heather, Lizzie & Helena

January 2022

Jamie & Thea,

Thank you for making our bucket list trip the most memorable of all our vacations. Your attention to our happiness and every need or ask is amazing. The sailing, locations and experience will not be forgotten. Thea, you are an amazing chef and the funniest person, which made us all fell welcome and comfortable. Jamie, you are an amazing Captain and sailor! I told you both, you are living our dream. We sit at our desk dreaming about being on a boat! Don't stop doing what you love!
Bill & Lisa

January 2022

Jamie & Thea,

Words cannot express how wonderful the two of you are - we are leaving this trip of a lifetime feeling blessed to have met you. Both of you made this trip special. Your help in coordinating our engagement is so appreciated. We were lucky you guys were there to share it with is. It was truly spectacular! We hope that you will come stay with is in Neptune Beach, FL. You are charming, funny, and have an amazing spirit. Thank you for everything! Love, Chrissie and Johnny

Wonderful week

Jamie and Thea,
Thank you both for such a wonderful week. The food was absolutely delicious every night (as were the drinks...) and you took us to some wonderful places that suited us perfectly. Thank you also for being so kind to the kids (and chatting with them while we slept) You were wonderful hosts and made us feel very welcome and incredibly well looked after!
The Sacks family

Guest Comments

Jaime and Thea,
What an adventure we have had together. Beautiful bays and coves, perfect overnight locations, crazy strong winds, rain clouds keeping Jaime on his feet, THE BATHS, seeing most of the best spots the BVI has to offer. Thea's and my crazy steep drive over Tortola to the Road Town clinic, coughing & more coughing, Jaime putting on the Chefs hat, beautiful sunny days & clear blue water.
Thea you have wrecked my husband for my future cooking. I will aspire to follow in your amazing food foot steps.
Both of your big hearts, kind nature & "welcome aboard to your boat" attitude made our week with you amazing!!
Adriane & Michael

Generous hospitality...

Dear Jamie and Thea,
We can't thank you enough for your kind and generous hospitality. The trip exceeded all expectations and created memories that will last a lifetime. The opportunity to spend New Years eve at the Bitter End was made even more special with your son Grant and his Fiance Tara. We felt like honorary members of your clan and ringing in 2016 could not have been better! Your attention to every detail made our every hope for this trip a reality. It is great to see a couple as happy together as the two of you. Your enthusiasm and passion is truly infectious.
Alright, enough of this sentimental stuff...Lets raise a glass of Rum and celebrate great times + great new friends.
Love, Bobby, Mellissa, Mike & Kelley

Guest Comments
Late March 2018

Dear Jamie and Thea,
Where do we begin? Such a wonderful trip!
Thank you so much for showing us around the BVI. We can't wait to return. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home and treating us as if we were family. You two make such a wonderful team. Please keep in touch with us and would love to see you guys when you arrive in Florida.
Matt, Shannon, Gavin, and Madison

Guest Comments

You two made this experience unforgettable. It's been a dream come true. Your personality, attitude, patience and genuine love shines and any guest will be most fortunate to have you two as crew and friends. Come see us in Nashville anytime, you're welcome at our home.

Happy Sailing,
Brad and Tracey

Thoroughly Enjoyable!

Dear Captain Jamie and Thea,
Thank you so very much for a thoroughly enjoyable time from our point of origin to our point of departure. Everything exceeded our expectations. Captain Jamie's patience in explaining navigation and endless runs to shuttle us was greatly appreciated. Thea's cooking and kindness was the best. You both love what you do, and it was so obvious to both of us.

Roy and Erin

Hospitality and Warmth

Dear Jamie & Thea,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. I am very grateful for your hospitality and warmth. I enjoyed your presence very much and I will be incorporating some of your words into my life, especially cheeky monkey! Fate thee well for the next leg of your journey!


November 2018

Dear Thea & Jamie,
Thank you so much for a most delightful trip! Right from the moment we stepped on board we felt at home. Every aspect of the experience made it a dream - the food, the fun, the secluded beaches, the starry nights! Even the "Great Northern Caribbean Orange Spotted Towel!" Or the casually floating away little cushion!
Or the casually floating away little cushion! We really enjoyed every little thing this boat had. You two are the ultimate dynamic duo! We loved getting to know you and hearing your stories. Thank you for showing us the best the BVI has to offer, and for all the new experiences (waterskiing for starters)! Not to forger all the healthy morning smoothies & yoga!!

Thank you for a wonderful time on board blossom! It became our home, you were both wonderful. Hope we see you again!

All the best,
Nikhil, Mandria, Rohan, Rishabah

January 2022

Captain Jamie and wonderful Thea – thank you for hosting this amazing voyage. You are so much more than a crew to us. You gave us the gift of yourselves/your personality, humor, and friendship and sharing your thoughts, advice, & experiences with marriage, you have impacted three couples more than you know. Your influence will travel home with us, and enhance how we regard ourselves and our spouses. For this, I am ever so grateful. Of course, the fabulous food, tending after us and making sure we had a lovely time are also greatly appreciated . Thanks for considering us your favorites!


Liz & Dan Ship

February 2022

What a lovely time we have had these past six days with Jamie and Thea on Moon Blossom in the BVIs. Jamie planned a great itinerary based off our ideas of places we’d like to go and things we thought of doing and helped us to adjust the plan based on weather conditions and time of day as well as travel time. Thea has cooked absolutely memorable meals. Our ratings on a scale of one to five are six stars! They have accommodated all our request to get water toys out and take us places in the tender. On top of that, they have shared their knowledge of the Island ways, we are from landlocked Nevada, USA. We completely enjoyed their company, conversations and confidence. What a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful time we have had. Thank you so much Jamie and Thea!

March 2022

Jamie & Thea,

Thank you so much for being a part of this special celebration (Brads 60th)! You made every part of our five days special and memorable… from the food, hospitality and destinations provided so many fun memories. The list of things experienced is astonishing, the Baths, Anegada, Saba Rock, Leverick, Michael Beans Pirate Show, Foxy’s, Soggy, Willy T’s, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and Thea’s meals. Wow! And sharing our special moment. May you continue with all your success, keep healthy and sail on. Thanks again for all you’ve done!

-Brad, Sandra, Tori, Adam, Chris, & Elena Howland

We absolutely loved our New Years vacation!

Our crew took us to a private beach that was absolutely the best beach we have ever visited! Our crew made many recommendations to allow us to choose from the best places on the islands!

The yacht was excellent. The cabins were extremely clean and comfortable.
Even the mattress was way more comfortable than I expected. The bathrooms
were very nice and spacious. There was plenty of space for sun or shade.

Thea was amazing to meet all our preferences. One of our mates had significant
dietary restrictions and Thea did an amazing job of helping her keep her diet
restrictions! The meals were delicious and presented in a beautiful fashion.

We snorkeled and used the floats. It was plenty to meet our needs.
Jamie and Thea were very kind, pleasant and helpful. We enjoyed every second
we were able to spend with them. We exchanged stories that were so fun!
The pace was perfect for us! Jamie even took us to a beach we requested that
he said he'd never gone too with a charter and it was our favorite!
This was such a lovely vacation and we only went to 1/2 the places we wanted
to go. We must return to hit the rest of the places!

- The Brown Family

What an Amazing week!

Dear Jamie and Thea,

What an amazing week we have had with you on Moon Blossom! The food, drinks, water sports, hospitality, and attention to every detail were perfect. Every single meal was a delight! But most importantly thank you for sharing your home, your stories, your wisdom, and great knowledge with us. Getting to know you both was a treasure. It’s been an unforgettable week and we only wish we had more time to enjoy it. We wish you much love, joy, and good sailing ahead!

-Holly and Al

Jamie & Thea - The Dream Team of the BVI!

Philip and I have been planning this trip over 7 years and couldn't be more pleased with how it has turned out. The amazing service, food and all of the laughs! Us hooligans for Oregon, Mark, Kylee, Griff, Julie, Phillip, and Jonna will remember this trip forever! We hope to see you in the Caribbean in 2024!

Thank you for everything!
February 2023

February 2023

Thank you so much for making this family trip so special! Your gracious hospitality, attention to every last detail, and warm disposition made us feel at home immediately. Thanks for sharing your own story with us. Your life experiences are certainly book worthy, and we loved hearing the stories from all that you’ve done and seen around the globe. We cannot imagine a more perfect team than the two of you! Thank you!

We’d love to stay in touch, and we genuinely hope we get to see you again. You are truly beautiful, lovely people!

-Suzanne and Robin Sparrow

February 2023

Jamie & Thea,
We have had the most memorable time, thanks to you and your service, guidance and amazing food. Thank you for giving us the most valuable gift of all, and amazing and fun time.

Until next time!

February 2023

Jamie & Thea,

We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for your lovely company, food, and amazing customer service. We felt so well taken care of! We definitely will be back.
Your friends,
Julie and Griff

February 2023

Dear Jamie and Thea,

Absolutely unforgettable vacation in large part to you too! Thanks for the fabulous food, wonderful drinks, safe sailing, and most importantly, sharing yourselves with us you two are great company!

Every single stop, was amazing and every meal was delicious. We appreciate your professional and diligent work to keep us safe and make sure we had fun!

We loved the whole experience, and will never forget it. Hoping we can see you again sailing somewhere together in this world! Will stay in touch!

Sharing this week with you has been a blessing! Stay safe. Thank you!

Burst & Kevin Cash

What A Wonderful Time

Jamie & Thea,

We are so fortunate to have you as our host. BVI was spectacular. 15 years ago we spent a week on Jost Van Dyke, and vowed to come back under sail and you made that dream come true! Thank you for your hospitality and so many memories. I’m sure there are times when you think I’m too old for this but you, you touch so many people and have a real gift for making magic happen. I hope you enjoy your day off, and the peace and quiet. We think about you and Moon Blossom often, and will wonder where you are sailing.

Brett & Michelle Baid

Great Trip

Thank you, both for your hard work and teamwork to make our charter truly memorable. Laura and I as well as our other friends appreciated the locations you selected, and the food was amazing! It was a pleasure getting to know you, and you will always be a part of the Luca family! You both are living examples that work is a blessing, we hope you keep doing this service to the world as long as you want to. If you ever go sailing in the country, look for us up, we would certainly host you and your family.


Erik & Laura Luca

Wonderful memories...

Jamie & Thea,
Debbie and I had a fantastic time seeing the V.I's for the first time, thanks to both of you. The pace was calm and casual, the hospitality 5 star and cuisine top rate.
We are taking back a slew of wonderful memories and hope to return again perhaps with some family and friends.
Safe travels,
Dave & Debbie

No words...

Jamie & Thea,
There are no words to describe how amazing both of you are! We are truly blessed to have met you on this amazing trip. You are both so very generous and full of life. Thank you for everything this week Thea - you went out of your way for me to make sure you prepared food I could eat. Thank you!
Jamie - you were always right there to help with anything we needed THANK YOU! The love you have for each other is amazing and I hope Chris and I can mirror your marriage! We truly felt right at home. The life you are living here in the BVI is so amazing and we hope to be here soon!
We would love to bring our family back to meet you! Can't wait to see you both again.
With love, Chris & Mandy

Truly a joy!

Truly a joy!! Most amazing food & kindest people. I felt like I was with family. So safe, so beautiful. Everything was there before we could ask - you can't get that from a website description. It's fate that we found you both! We will be back (fingers closed).

Bless you both and until next time:)
Erin, Patty + Wayne

May 2017

Dear Jamie and Thea,
What an amazing week of sun, snorkeling, adventure and delicious meals. I feel like we have not only had an incredible vacation, but made great new friends. If you ever make it to Colorado, make sure to allow us to return some hospitality.

Joe and Callie

Trip of a lifetime!!

Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime! We enjoyed your amazing stories! The adventures you took us on were so fabulous! If you ever travel to Denver, please reach out to us!

Chad and Jen

Outstanding week!

What an outstanding week you've given us here in the BVI. The sights we've had the pleasure of seeing thanks to y'alls suggestions were nothing short of spectacular! We can't even describe how wonderfully tasty all the meals and snacks were! (yes, diet starts tomorrow). Your friendship and laughter added so much to the week. Thank you both so much for everything. Remember, y'all are always welcome in Texas! And Coco, the island boy may try to keep you. His tank can float a boat.

All the best,
Steve, Cindy, Lacey, Kyle, and Coco


Dear Jamie and Thea,
We can't thank you enough for the great vacation. Your knowledge of the islands and kindness with putting up with 3 crazy teenage boys is everything we could have hoped for. The food and drinks were incredible and your attention to us was something we aren't used to! Wishing you many happy sunsets in the future.

I had a fabulous time! Thank you for teaching me everything.

This was probably the most relaxing trip I've ever taken. Thank you for your generosity.

Great trip! Jamie and Thea are the parents I never had!

Amazing week...

Jamie and Thea,
Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing week we spent on the boat. It was our first time sailing, but definitely not our last. The boys had a blast and don't even want to go home. Thank you for the amazing food and Elan's birthday party. Hope to see you again on our next charter!

-Akiva, Ora, Elan, and Eliam

Therapeutic and wonderful...

Dear Thea and Jamie,
Thank you for an amazing week of food, snorkeling, and exploring the beautiful islands. You have made us feel completely at home and relaxed. It has been therapeutic and wonderful family time. We are blessed to have met both of you and look forward to sailing with you again in the future.

All the best to you-
Doug, Sharon, Joseph, and Lilli

Absolutely fabulous!

"Absolutely fabulous!"

"We sailed with my wife and 2 daughters, 9 and 8. We all loved Jamie and Thea and highly recommend them for any charter. "

"From the moment we met Jamie and Thea it was if we had known them for years. They are the consummate hosts and meet your every need before you even know you have one! This is the best boat with the best hosts in the BVI. We will be back!"

"What a wonderful experience this was! Jamie and Thea were an absolute joy to be around. They had a wonderful sense of humor and great knowledge of the BVIs. We loved spending NYE with them. I can't wait to book our next adventure!"

"It was our friends first time chartering and in the BVI so it was great fun to be with them and share. Thea and Jamie were exceptional hosts! Clean and relaxing environment, wonderful sized staterooms and baths, Thea's food was wonderful and she did a great job catering to one of our folks who is a "little bit picky", Jamie and Thea both showed us the ropes on chartering - teaching us along the way. Couldn't have asked for a better boat or crew! "

Best birthday!

We came for Janis's birthday on the 32rd...and what a week this has been. Jaime and have been like real friends, welcoming and courteous. This was our first experience on a sail boat and will be remembered for ever. We saw the best of the Virgin Islands-very beautiful beaches, The food was excellent and the company exquisite. We certainly licked out and feel very privileged to have met you and spent the week. Your boat is immaculate. The service was so attentive...indeed a privilege and a great experience. Best of luck with all your future charters.
We would love to do this again.
Janis and Guy

We needed this...

Simply put, this is the vacation we desperately needed. After a year of nonstop work and stress, this was what we needed most. Thanks for seeing to our very need and desires throughout the trip. Your expertise and suggestions on mooring sites helped us to navigate beyond the over crowded beaches and bays of the high season. The meals were fantastic and desert was a perpetual "yes" when we didn't think we could eat anymore. The boat is our favorite so far because of the large suites and overall wonderful layout. Our highest complements to the crews and we look forward to seeing you in the future.
Best wishes and thank you for everything.
Jeremy and Emily

Dear Jamie and Thea,
We want to thank you both for the wonderful opportunity to spend our vacation with both of you. We have sailed in the BVI many times since 1980.
You were both accommodating, helpful, friendly, kind and generous with your time and talents. The food was delicious and presented in such a lovely way. Your knowledge of the islands was unsurpassed. Thank you for keeping is SAFE.
Bill and Robin

Guest Comments
Perfect vacation...

Our vacation was perfect from start to finish. The hospitality incredible, the food wonderful and the destinations just beautiful. Thea & Jamie were gracious hosts and WOW can Thea cook. Jamie knew exactly where to take us for the best diving and scenery.
We highly recommend J&T for the very best vacation.
Stacey and Larry

January 2019

Dear Thea and Jamie,
Thank you for such a wonderful trip! Thank you for the food, laughter, and much more. You truly made this boat feel like home. You made our experience of the BVI one to remember; especially with your efforts of always going above and beyond. We'd also like to thank your for making your home feel like ours! Lots of love!!

Jamie & Thea,
We wanted to thank both of your for a spectacular & brilliant week! Thanks for everything & looking forward to the next trip!

Hope to see you all soon!
Betsy, Kelly, Alex, Sarah & Emily

January 2019

What a wonderful way to open up the new year! Here in the BVI on the beautiful Blossom Cat, with the most awesome Captain and his wonderful wife who treated Jeff and I as gold. The food was very nice and tasty as well and never over cooked! Presentation equally as well.
Just want to thank them both for a job well done, it will be an experience that I will always remember and that is saying a lot because I don't remember much. I believe Jeff was very impressed as well because he told me so.
We wish them all the best of luck with future charters and hope all their guests as as pleased as we were. No doubt about that.
Many more good years to you, we can tell you love what you do!
Hugs & stay safe!
Jeff & Adele

March 2019

Dear Thea & Jamie,
What an absolutly blissful week! We have never been so pampered and relaxed. The two of you made blossom feel like home. Thea, you made a wonderful chef and Jamie is an expert sailor and the two of you are an amazing host and hostess. We shall miss the two of you and the BVI. We shall remember you both fondly.
Jean & Bill

March 2019

Dear Thea & Jamie,
What a wonderful experience. You made a trip I was dreading a bit into the trip of a lifetime!! As soon as I saw Thea's pink hair I knew all would be well. Scotty joins me in thanking you for a fabulous week at sea. You both are awesome! We must keep in touch!
Much love,
Ruthie & Scotty

March 2019

Name: Bill
Yacht: BLOSSOM Blossom with Jamie and Thea Young
Charter Dates: 2019-03-25 12:00 to 2019-03-31 12:00
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
They were superb !!

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Tip top shape

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Yes- superb

5. Did you like the area you sailed?

6. Additional comments on your charter?
Jaime and Thea were absolutely wonderful. They made us truly feel that the Blossom was our home away from home. Would highly recommend this yacht and crew to anyone interested in a BVI charter.

7. It is our pleasure to keep you informed of relevant specials / updates for your next charter. When do you plan to charter next?
Am interested in a charter next February or March near Granada. Can you provide info as to available yachts. If the "new" Blossom is going to be available in Grenada area I would certainly want to be with Jaime and Thea again.

April 2019

Thea & Jamie,
Thanks for a wonderful trip to start our retirement. Greatly appreciate all the special touches to our trip - great food, great drinks and one beautiful place after another. It will be hard to pick a favorite from all we visited. We had a great 2 weeks thanks to all of your extra efforts. THANKS!

Marilyn & Nelson
Houston, TX

May 2019

Thea & Jamie,
Thanks for a truly outstanding Virgin Island vacation. It truly exceeded all of our expectations. The food, the conversation, attention to all the little details, the scenery, the weather and your kind consideration were outstanding. We appreciated all you did for us.
Erin & Ken
St. Louis MO

What an awesome 'birthday' week! Thank you for a wonderful relaxing BVI vacation - couldn't have had a better crew (you guys!), the boat, the food - ooh la la! The island stops, the snorkeling...we'll miss it all. Keep smiling & sailing.
Stacey & Bob
St. Louis MO

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