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LONESTAR / Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prevost / 85’
Our Crew / Number: 5 / Language: English, French, Belgian, Dutch

Crew Profiles:

CAPTAIN Luc Heymans
Born in Belgium, Captain Luc speaks fluent English, French and Dutch. With over 15 years of ocean racing under his belt, Luc has participated in several Round the World races in the 80s and Inshore world championships in the USA, UK, France, Italy etc. With strong skills in yacht management and implementation of projects such as refits, diving and research, Luc founded Cosmix Underwater Research and successfully managed the underwater research and survey of 'The Cirebon Wreck', a 10th century trading vessel discovered in Indonesia.



Captain Name

Luc Heymans

Captain Nation


Crew Smoke


Crew Pets


Captain Licence

Captain Licence 500GT

Captain Language

English, French, Belgian, Dutch

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