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VENTANA / Lagoon / 52.00 Ft’
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Rob Hyson

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Captain Rob Hyson was born and raised in a small coastal town in Maine and as such spent a large portion of his youth on the water, on small fishing boats sailing schooners and everything in between. After graduation high school Rob served in the US Marine Corps as a presidential guard in Washington DC and at Camp David. Soon after ending his service in the Marine corps Rob moved to The Great Lakes area where his love for sailing was born. When Rob moved to his home state of Maine again he bought, and completely refit a Pearson sailing yacht and sailed her all over the New England coast until he decided to find warmer weather and sailed south the the US Virgin Islands. Where he cruised for a year before deciding to turn his love for the ocean and sailing into a career. Now Rob spends his days on the water and even gets paid to do it. He is truly happy to be “living the dream”



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Rob Hyson

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Jeremiah Buck

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