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Top 10 things to do in Anegada, BVI


The island of Anegada is a sailors must-see. The beaches bars and people here have a familiar comfort that is impossible to forget and more difficult to ignore. Once a visitor, always a friend, you will be back again.

Anegada is a legendary "drowned island" off to the North of the BVI. Earning its'' name, "Tierra Anegada" the Spanish term for flooded land. The island barely crests the water''s surface, with an elevation of only 28 feet, She remains unseen.  Many a visitor who ply the beautiful blue waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and the surrounding seas of the Isla de Virgines, never visit Anegada''s distant shores and it''s a mistake. The Catamaran Company permits less experienced crew in making the journey to this must see island only accessible via boat.  

Our  Catamarans Rentals are very well equipped  with water-makers, ac and generator and many more amenities now making it very easy for an extended stay on Anegada in the BVI.

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Slow down for a change. Breath, Listen, Imagine. Take a walk alone for miles on any of Anegada''s white sand beaches. Comb the beach. Stare at the sea. People watch. Enjoy the local cuisine and enjoy fresh lobster. Chat with a stranger and become friends for life. 

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Should you feel compelled to keep a quicker pace and only grace Anegada''s shores for a short while then we suggest you rent a scooter (it''s quite possibly as safe here, as anywhere). Accidents can happen, so please keep mind, the sand can be slippery when cornering. Stay on the left and you''ll always be right.


Then leave the responsibility of driving to someone else and take an open-air, taxi island tour and get that perfect shot. Eat lunch, dinner or both somewhere local. Try grilled Anegada spiny lobster or some other tasty island treat that''s more familiar to your palette.

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The best thing about Anegada, it''s the perfect sailing destination to do nothing at all, and do it guilt free. Take a vacation from yourself and free that inner child that''s inside all of us. Try to remember what it''s like being a kid again. 

Permit yourself the luxury of an additional day of free play on Anegada.

You really don''t need a list of the Top 10 Things to do on Anegada, but here it is:

Please remember to only purchase and wear, environmentally and reef safe sunscreen!

1.    Do absolutely nothing, guilt free
2.    People watch
3.    Stare at the sea
4.    Walk alone on a beach
5.    Make a lifelong friend
6.    Listen, Breath and Imagine
7.    Read an actual book
8.    Eat something great other than lobster
9.    Take a nap on the beach
10.  Wash, rinse and repeat!

The other list:

1.    Try grilled Caribbean Lobster or local conch
2.    Snorkel Horseshoe Reef
3.    Give Bone Fishing a try
4.    Watch the Kiteboarders
5.    Find Flamingos at the Salt Pond
6.    View endangered Rock Iguanas
7.    Tour the island by scooter or taxi
8.    Take a walk on a beach (alone)
9.    See a mountain of conch
10.  Witness a green flash

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