Annapolis Boat Show: Charter Business Plans 15% Charter Discount

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Annapolis Boat Show: Charter Business Plans 15% Charter Discount

You're invited to Annapolis Boat Show!

Come aboard the Gemini Legacy 35 during Annapolis Boat Show October 10 to 14.

Get 15% Boat Show discount when booking a sailing vacation in the BVI with The Catamaran Company!
The Catamaran Company Charter Fleet in the British Virgin Islands.
The British Virgin Islands exists in one of the most beautiful and well preserved natural environments rivaling just about any place in the world to visit. Tortola offers the perfect charter location and the highest return of charter income in the charter industry.
Own a catamaran in our charter fleet! Meet the staff!
Meet with our Charter Director, Christy, at the Annapolis Boat Show to get all of your questions answered.
We will have experienced Yacht Brokers available to discuss yacht options, layout, amenities and the buying process.
6 Good Reasons to consider our charter program
Located in Hodges Creek Marina, Tortola. ( East End of Tortola)
  1. Unlimited owner usage
  2. Our Customer Service with exceptional charter base
  3. Potential Tax Benefits
  4. High percentage of income against expenses
  5. Choice of Makes, models, equipment & usage
  6. Highest rate percentage of charter revenues than any other charter Company in the industry
A Quote from one of our Owners
“I was a charterer for many years before I became an owner – and as I am an owner based on the love of the Lagoon Catamarans, versus as an investment, I have taken great care to customize both my boats, with myself and my guests in mind. The first thing I did was to make sure that the fore-peak cabins were comfortable and could be used as additional cabins. I worked with the Base Staff Head mechanic, Didier (who is amazing), and had him air-condition both cabins. I also ordered extra stools that can be used for the inside table or the table on the back deck (both full size tables, as I have found the cocktail tables to be useless). I then added the biggest chart plotter that I could fit at the helm - even thought I know the islands like the back of my hand, I am aware that many of my guests do not - and find a chart plotter very helpful. Both boats have gas BBQ''s as we catch lots of fish when aboard. The Catamaran Company does an outstanding job in maintaining and booking my charter catamarans ”

Melanne Maddalene, Owner of Lagoon 52;''s and Lagoon 450''s in BVI.
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