Sunreef Yachts are customized, individually-crafted luxury catamarans

Each and every one of them is different

All of them unique

Here is why

Whether you choose to turn your Sunreef Yacht into a family-friendly charter boat, a luxurious private floating villa, a dazzling party boat or a fishing enthusiast’s fantasy, our designers will convey your vision into an individually tailored layout and interior design. Be prepared for new possibilities and the most inventive approach to your needs. You will have an endless choice of materials and the most creative team of professionals at hand.

Our clients from all around the world inspire us to push the boundaries of boat interior creation. With every project, new layout ideas and new designs emerge. Sunreef Yachts’ in-house team of designers works in close collaboration with every customer to find the optimal solutions for a smart and functional interior arrangement. All the upholstery and woodwork is performed manually by the shipyard’s craftsmen using the finest and most advanced materials in an infinite variety of colors, shapes and textures.