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The Seven Stages to Yacht Ownership

As the leading catamaran retailer in the United States we have fine-tuned our sales process into seven simple buying stages that reflect our many years of experience and leading reputation as the world's largest exclusive retailer of catamarans. Within each stage we indicate other services you will require or may wish to consider such as Insurance, Financing, Dockage and Delivery. This is the most useful guide on the web and is always being updated.

Stage 1: Available

At this point you are still undecided on your dream catamaran or yacht. Here is what you need to do:

  • Browse our new and used listings, static and database pages below.
  • Select your dream catamaran or yacht at the link.
  • Or, contact one of our brokers directly and ask his or her advice. You can find out about our brokers.
  • Together analyze the Performance Data of the yacht.
  • Financing - do you require financing - we can refer industry partners.
  • Tax We can help you understand certain tax advantages prior to placing an offer.

Stage 2: Under Offer

With the help of one of our brokers you have selected your dream catamaran or yacht and now must submit an offer to the seller.

  • Fill out the Purchase and Sale Agreement with your proposed offer.
  • Deposit 10% of purchase price into Escrow to take the catamaran off the market. You can read about ESCROW.

Stage 3: Under Negotiation (Optional)

This stage will only take place if the seller does not accept your initial offer. Take a look:

  • Offer considered by seller. He either accepts your offer or submits a new counter-offer to you.
  • This process is continued until both of you come up with a mutually acceptable offer or counter-offer.

Stage 4: Under Contract

Yes! The Seller has accepted your last offer, and you are now ready to sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement Form and consider a few other items:

  • Select a Surveyor below. Please note: it is entirely your decision which surveyor you select from a list of surveyors we can provide you.
  • A Sea Trial and Survey of the seller's yacht will be scheduled.
  • Our broker will accompany you on the yacht inspection
  • After inspection, buyer is handed a survey and sea trial report.
  • You may request adjustments in price - dependent on the report - that can be negotiated with the seller..
  • At this stage final Financing arrangements can be made with one of our industry partners.
  • Please note that any yacht Insurance is dependent on a successful survey.

Stage 5: Accepted Vessel

Congratulations! Sea Trial and Survey Report was positive and you sign the Acceptance of Vessel Form. Take special note of final closing and documentation issues listed in the next sections and ways to make the process run smoothly.

Stage 6: Final Closing

Now make your final payment by wire transfer or send a cashiers check(s) to the Trust Account of the broker. When both elements are in place, the money will be transferred to the seller and the documents to the buyer.

Congratulations!! You now are the proud owner of a quality yacht from The Catamaran Company.

You, the buyer, need to consider these final services that will help add value to your dream yachts:

  • We can help you arrange Delivery of the yacht to your chosen destination. We can also provide you with Dockage.

    Consider placing your yacht in charter via our Yacht Placement Program and live the dream lifestyle. through charter use. Consider our Service Department to take care of long term catamaran needs.

  • If you ever decide to sell, remember you can leverage our marketing services to sell your yacht quickly and professionally.

Stage 7: Documentation

This complex area requires the final transfer of the vessel into your name. I can help you through the process effortlessly if you decide to use our service. But, first take a look at key areas:

  • Prepare transfer of ownership documents.
  • Complete federal registration of the vessel..
  • ...all this can be done via our in-house Documentation department called Details Details.
  • Details Details will remove frustrating administrative issues and ensure this complex process is done correctly.