Tom Eelkema Yacht Sales Broker

Tom grew up in a Dutch colony in northern Californian. Having a European background had its advantages. Being able to relate with people of different cultures and backgrounds was a thing he learned at an early age and it served him well.

With a draft number of three, in 1971, he enlisted in the US Air Force for a four-year term. His job as a motion picture cameraman had him stationed at Howard AFB in the Republic of Panama which allowed him to make films in many of the Central and South American counties.

In Panama he learned to sail. Navigating the waters of the Panama Canal was especially challenging. Once while sailing in the Panama Canal, (without a motor) he and his friend got caught between two ships underway with only twenty feet between both ships. That taught him, in all things pay attention.

During his time in Panama he attended an extension of Florida State University and graduated with a BS in Business Administration.

After finishing his Air Force tour of duty, he worked as a contractor representing CBS News in Central America, covering news stories in that part of the world. In 1986 he interviewed Manuel Noriega which was used on the MacNeil Lehrer report.

After fourteen years in Panama he returned to the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked in research and new business development for a gas turbine research company. After receiving a severance package from that company, he attended a boat show in San Francisco where he was hired to sell multi hull yachts.

After over seventeen years and over 290 yachts sold, it is an honor to work with The Catamaran Company.

When Tom is not selling yachts, you may find him working in restorative justice at San Quentin prison or doing improv semiprofessionally.

Tom Eelkema
Yacht Sales

San Francisco, CA
Office: 415-520-1184

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