Kimberly LeeMarketing Manager


I sort of look like this. I do have long hair. It might be slightly lighter. I do have brown eyes but not maybe that big. I created this image as my avatar because maybe I look similar ( slightly) but perhaps I want to look like this. I am the Marketing Manager at The Catamaran Company and I am not really that conventional when it comes to marketing and I am more out of the box. I tend to test new technology and tweak it if it works and disregard it if it does not. But at least we try new things. Thus my good looking avatar!

I have worked with The Catamaran Company for 20 years. I have started from ground up and landed exclusively in marketing and trying to make online and offline yacht marketing for Catco up to date and always try to stay ahead of the competition.

I have all sorts of skills but I can say I did not go to college so no college degree listed on my ‘bio’. I learn along the way and if anything and if there was, I wish I could attend the “School of Google’ or maybe I would ask Mark at Facebook if he would mentor me.

And yes, I did some sailing. It includes transatlantic deliveries, hostessing on large cats, bar tending and general island hopping. The island hopping was the most fun part. Oh, and I like tennis. I particularly like Hulu, Netflix and for some reason I find the shows on Amazon Prime interesting. My favorite all time show is ‘Breaking Bad’.

You can always contact me if you have suggestions to make things better or if you need a general marketing plan for your yacht. As I most likely will do a nice campaign online for you.

Kimberly Lee
Marketing Manager

Lauderdale Marine Center
2019 SW 20th Street Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Phone: (954) 449-4691
Cell: (954) 449-7646
Fax: (954) 727-0024

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