Gemini Catamarans – Vive La Différence – Advances in Visibility

From elevating the pilot house on the Gemini Legacy 35 for increased headroom and visibility at the aft bulkhead helm to incorporating forward cockpit helm stations and fly bridges into their model offerings, Gemini Catamarans embraces ingenuity and choice.

Sailing a catamaran, any catamaran, has its challenges with visibility.  As a matter of fact, placement of helms on catamarans is one of those often-debated issues. While there is no one “right” way to design a catamaran’s helm station, it is vital to understand each to settle on the design that best serves one’s needs. The beauty of Gemini Catamarans is their designers take current customer feedback to determine what best suits the needs of their demographic and adapt those needs by offering choices.

Bulkhead steering is the most popular type of steering on Gemini Catamarans models.  It has been the steering of choice from the Gemini 105M to current models the Gemini Legacy 35, the Gemini Freestyle 37 Sail and Gemini Freestyle 399 Power.  It is a single wheel on the starboard side of the aft bulkhead.  The steering station is covered by a hard or soft-top bimini, depending on model and option choices.  This design offers “four corners” visibility. If you stand up at the helm or sit on the side seating area you can see both bows and both sterns when docking or sailing.

Recently introduced in the Gemini Freestyle 399 Power is the forward cockpit helm station, fashioned as a center console.  This offers great visibility and fun when boating.  This design offers a walk through area forward and direct access to converse with family and friends on the foredeck.  As you can imagine, these designs are loads of fun, placing you in wonderful contact with the winds and seas.  More importantly it follows Gemini Catamarans’ intelligent use of space.  Creating this forward cockpit helm station puts the skipper in the center of the action while expanding the living space aft to create whatever design best suits your needs.

Currently a conceptual design, Gemini Catamarans is working on a fly bridge helm station. This is a nod to the power boat industry.  Gemini Catamarans have always produced what we often refer to as a “transitional” catamaran as their largest demographic had been monohullers looking to move to the stability of a catamaran but with the performance of a monohull.  Only Gemini offers this within an affordable price range.

In recent years, we have found that there is another growing transition demographic, especially in the United States.  This is the power boater moving to sail.  Their reasons to switch run the gamut but the most commonly found barrier to entry or hesitation with sailing are the sails.  On a Gemini Catamaran, because they now offer dual engines yet continue to have a narrow beam, there is a comfort and safety to the power boater as if an issue arises they simply drop the sails and engage the engines, something they are already used to.

The pros to this design are numerous.  Fly bridges free up the entire aft cockpit and adds another social center to the boat.  They are excellent for seeing the entire boat, and all that is around it.  Add to this it fits Gemini’s brand identity as a fast, fun, friendly and festive catamaran it is no wonder Gemini Catamarans is exploring this possibility.

Gemini Catamarans, vive la différence, you choose the helm station and we will match you to the best model.  Bring it On!