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Get Rested & Relaxed on Reposado, Only in the BVI

Add some spirit to your BVI holiday this year with a little Reposado! Anegada, Peter Island and the Baths feed the spirit and relax the soul with stops at the Wonky Dog, Sprat Bay and Poor Man's Bar.

It was a dark and stormy night in Washington, D.C., as we were finishing the last bits of the workday so we could carry on with the final logistics for our trip to the BVIs at dawn. We boarded the flight from D.C. to St. Thomas, via Puerto Rico. The leg from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas was incredibly fast. Our driver, Amir, delivered us from the St. Thomas airport promptly to Dolphin Water Taxi Service (Sponge Bob) for a high-speed ride through the Narrows and into Road Town to clear customs and immigrations. We taxied from Road Town to Hodges Creek and spent the night relaxing onboard Reposado, which translates to relaxed. Saying we were excited was an understatement.

We met with our friends at Catco in the morning to review the recent enhancements to Reposado. The new components are fully operational and look great. We wasted no time loading her with provisions and launching her on a course North. We tacked around the eastern corner of Tortola, passing by Ginger Island and hardened up leaving the Sea Dogs on port and Necker at starboard. It was an amazing day for sailing, making an average 9.5 knots of speed from 18 knots of wind. We dropped anchor on the western point of Anegada Island, named Pomato Point, for the evening, and had a nice relaxing dinner onboard as we wrapped up the day sipping wine and stargazing until the early morning hours.

We rose to a beautiful view of the sun rise, vibrant blue water, and a long white sand beach. We wasted no time swimming ashore to explore the beach and walked the length of what seemed to be a deserted island. Later that morning we picked up anchor and motored over to an anchorage at Setting Point. We remained anchored there for the rest of day and trekked ashore in route to the north side of the island to explore and snorkel. On our way, we made a reservation at the Wonky Dog Restaurant which we heard has the best lobster from several tourists. We hopped into the back of a pickup-truck taxi and carried on north to the Anegada Beach Club. The beach on the north side is a true paradise, very remote with a small hotel, a few beach bars, and a kite boarding shop. We spent most of the afternoon on the beach with drinks and watched kite boarders practice while we swam in the warm water. The time got away from us, so we grabbed a snack at the beach bar and returned to Reposado to clean up for our dinner reservation. The lobster was fresh-caught and delicious at the Wonky Dog, and the venue is el fresco dining by the beach. With great food and a relaxing view of the sea, we hardly noticed the cow that ran by with several patrons chasing it. What a crazy and fun experience!

We departed early the next morning and sailed past the Baths, turning the helm to starboard at the southeast corner of Tortola and sailed downwind to Peter Island. We made great time and spent the next day snorkeling in the morning, off our anchorage at Little Harbor, and then motoring over to Sprat Bay (east side of Peter Island) to practice our docking skills. Again, time flew by and we sailed from Sprat on a starboard tack over to Beef Island Bluff and anchored for the night off the western side near the airport. The stars and the sky were absolutely amazing.

In the early morning, we pulled up anchor and sailed to Ginger, lining up with the light house then headed due north to the Baths (The Baath’s) on a starboard tack. Winds that day were gusting up to 24 knots, so we decided to keep the 1st reef in practice tacking as we closed-in on the Baths- an awesome landmark. We picked up a mooring ball by the cut and swam into the southern end of the island. Carrying our fins and equipment through the piles of rock, we forged on to the Poor Man’s Bar at the far end. We lounged around (on our fins) the beach, took in the scenery, and chatted with tourists about the islands and their sailing adventures. We geared up and swam from the northern end of the Baths back to Reposado for our final leg of the journey: back to the base at Hodges Creek. We are already looking forward to our next adventure with Reposado.

~ Karen & Chris Maruca

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