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29 MARCH - 6 APRIL 2022

"What an incredible time we had aboard Seaclusion. the food (thank you Jess) was healthy, delicious, eclectic and quite frankly sublime. Thank you Ricky - "Lekker like a cracker captain" for the wonderful chart planning and great laughs, the stunning sailing experience and the warmth and welcome your team extended to us. Seaclusion and the crew are a real 'gem' - keep it a secret - tell no one, only kidding. We loved it and love you. Greg & Rachel

A magical birthday charter.
this doesn't happen by accident, magical ingredients are needed. Beautiful food, great energy, kindness, fabulous service, did I mention this food?!!
Our captain Ricky & Jess the host of the yacht, Nyla sweet and clever & her table decorations WOW, then we have Jacob wonderful beyond belief. Altogether this makes for probably our greatest charter ever and thank you all from our hearts.
Many blessings and good health.
Simon & Mandy

Ricky & Jess What a team! Supported brilliantly by Jacob & Nyla. Thank you all so much for a fabulous week. Nothing was too much, amazing food & service and sailing.
Great crew, great boat, we will definitely be returning.
With love & thanks
Anna & Geoff

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12 APRIL - 17 APRIL 2022

Dear Seaclusion team - Ricky, Jess, Nyla & Jacob
I have always loved butterflies - not just because they are beautiful, but because of all the patience and struggle it does to fly.
This is my first time sailing - now every time I see a sail boat I will always think of its beauty but will remember of all of your hard work, patience and at times struggle to allow us to sail and enjoy freely.
Thank you for the memories, laughter & best Easter ever.
Whitney, Holly, Tammy, Cindy, Annette, Elizabeth

Captain Ricky, Chef jess First Mate Jacob & Stewardess Nyla
Thank you again and again for our extraordinary adventure on your Seaclusion! thank you for all the care, concern, thoughtfulness, safety and kindness you so graciously gave us. Every detail was so beautifully done and we are so grateful for you all. The food was superb Jess! Our rooms, tables and decor was so beautiful Nyla! Our every need addresses Jacob & our fun and safety was secured Ricky.
Best crew & captain ever.
Thank you for the lifetime memories.
With gratitude & admiration, love & appreciation.
All the very best.
Cindy, Holly, Tammy, Elizabeth, Whitney, Annette

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April 2022

Ricky & Jess,
What a team! Supported brilliantly by Jacob and Nyla. Thank you all so much for a fabulous week. Nothing was too much, amazing food, service and sailing. Great crew, great boat, we will definitely be returning. With love and thanks, Anna and Geoff

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31 MAY - 11 JUNE 2022

Merwin Family 2022
this was so much fun you guys.
Nyla it was so much fun helping and watching you clean. PS mom really loved your vacuum make sure to hide it.
Jake tubing was so much fun thank you for putting up with me. I loved the scoot scoots, I might have to take one. Dont be surprised if one is missing ;)
Jess loved the food. I eat a lot of food so ya, you have a gift for food. Thank you for filling my belly.
Ricky make sure not to steal my phone again, I might have a heart attack because I most likely be the one to drop my phone in the water. Luckily that didn't happen though.
best vacation ever

Ricky, Jess, Nyla, Jacob
This was a most wonderful vacation with lovely people. You all made us feel so special and pampered. There are so many things to thank for, bet ill just say it is very hard to develop such a close relationship in such a short time. We will miss you all. Stay safe, we will keep in touch until next time.
Much love

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Haugerud Charter Review | 23 - 28 June

All we can say is "What a crew"
Captain Ricky, Chef Jess, first mate Jake, and dynamite in a small package Nyla were in perpetual motion and able to anticipate our every desire. The crew is absolutely five-star! The best thing is all of the crew's hidden talents that just may show up upon request. Love these guys. Murph & Renee

You are all amazing I can't wait until we all link again. I love you all! Jack

Thank you all for such an amazing experience! These memories I will hold onto for a lifetime. Love Ashlee

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Heindle Charter Nov 20-30

Unbeatable Captain Moss, and always inspired chef Jess, Jake the enthusiastic radio-face sportsman, and Lyndsay the holistic yoga trainer.
We should simply say thank you.
We had an unforgettable vacation on Seaclusion yacht.
The yacht becomes a super yacht thanks to you.
Each of you has a great talent and together as a team, you made us experience an amazing holiday.
You treated us up as much as we team you up.
Lightness and thoughtfulness!
Thank you forever
On behalf of Jorgen Hendl
Silk + Spice + Sail Road Team

We had a wonderful time on the sail "road." Yoga in the morning with the wonderful Lyndsay "Lion eyes"
Feeling spoiled with a fantastic breakfast from Jessie who is the best cook ever!
Team activity with "Mr always good mood Jacob" we really used all the fun toys Smile
Always the friendly and wise Captain Ricky "Backgammon Ace :))
All the best to you; we love you

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Trip of a Lifetime

Ricky, Jess, Lyndsay, and Jake

We want to thank you and express our heartfelt appreciation for the memorable week we spent on board Seaclusion! Your warmth, professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail made our vacation truly unforgettable.

From the moment we stepped on board we felt welcomed and quickly made to feel right at home.
The boat was Immaculate and well appointed and you all went above and beyond to ensure that we had everything we needed including treating us with a outside memorable movie night. Also your guidance and knowledge of the area allowed us to explore the most beautiful and secluded spots in the BVI.

Thank you all for making our vacation a trip of a lifetime. We will cherish the memories we made and look forward sailing with you again in the future.

With Gratitude,

Colleen & Phil, Gary and Mary, Reid & Asia and Jakie and Deke

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