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March 2023

Relentless Team, Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! Every detail was a 10 out of 10 and we enjoyed every single minute! What a way to ring in a new decade.

- Andrea & Matt

March 2023

Dear Dan, Julianna & Tanya,

Wow! Can't think you enough for taking such great care of all of us. We had always wanted to see the VI's on a catamaran and we are so happy we chose Relentless! Everything was a 10/10. Wish you all safe travels and calm seas! Cheers - Ron & Ann

Team Relentless,
Thank you for an amazing week! It was truly a trip we will never forget. We loved every minute of it and hope to come back again on day. Tyson & Jenni

March 2023

Relentless Crew, We are so sad to leave, everything as been so incredible! Thank you for the BEST week away. We definitely want to come back again soon - Just heavenly, everything!

-Taryn & Preston

April 2023

What a crew, what a boat! We had the best time and feel so blessed to have experienced such an amazing trip!

- Lindsay & Jonathan

April 2023

Relentless 60 Guest Review
Risa Chu
Tanya, Julianna & Dan

You guys are awesome, thanks for a great, no fuss, easy going, delicious, safe, fun and entertaining experience! Be well and look forward to next time! Thanks so much!

Thank you for touring us around the islands! What a relaxing week! The food and service was so amazing! What a treat! Safe travels! -

April 2023

Dearest Crew of Relentless

We had such an incredible time enjoying and exploring the BVI with you all! The experience exceeded our expectations! Thank you for making sure we were fed, comfortable, and most importantly, that we had the best time. Hope to sail with you again soon!

All our love, The WXXXXXS

June 2023

The crew was very professional and welcoming.
Itinerary was varied and flexible.
The yacht was very nice, well kept and clean on arrival.
Meals and service were fantastic. Above and beyond.
We felt safe on the water and in all ports we visited.
We highly recommend the Relentless and the crew!

-Vague Family

Trip of a Lifetime

Riley, Rita & Tanya,

Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! Every detail was so thought out and executed perfectly! Rita, you made us all feel at home and pampered with such amazing massages plus cocktails. Tanya, the food and presentation was out of this world. Riley, you put up with all of us including Nicole‘s questions! And found your next calling as a wedding planner! The three of you together made it such an unbelievable plus seamless vacation. Some of the highlights from the trip included the special celebrations you did for birthdays as well as coordinating such a private intimate wedding. The sea bobs and snorkeling were the best we’ve had in a long time. The concert on the boat and king of the wing were experiences we could only do while charting with you! Both the white night and pirate night put the trip over the top. This is not goodbye but see you next time.

-Ashley & Matt Janicki, Nikki & Chris J Valentina and Chris Bea

July 10, 2022

Rita, Riley, & Tanya,

Not sure where to begin. OK seriously, the first day of rough waves, first time on a boat and no seasickness at all! Christmas Cove not where we met Santa… But he comes later. Santa with his tattoos! Lol From sea turtles to octopus, schools of squid, stingrays, puffer fish, coral reefs, tarpon, floating tacos. Mardi Gras VI style, seashells, mongoose, goats, all the colorful fish and most of all wild donkeys. This vacation, this experience with you three will be one we will never forget. Memories made here, jokes shared will forever be a moment in this journey we call life. You can never understand or realize the purpose of placing so many unique people and further on a boat for a whole week and yet it seems like we could have known each other for life.

Best, The Lee family

Incredible Adventure

Dear Riley, Rita & Tanya,

Thank you for an incredible week of relaxation, adventure, and hospitality! You created the perfect environment for our family to connect and enjoy a special time together. You all rock!!

-Paige & Tom Keiser

July 2022

Thank you so much Riley, Rita, and Tanya. This was a trip of a Lifetime. We appreciate your generosity and for going above and beyond. This was a trip with great memories which will never be forgotten! You are always welcome to visit Birmingham, Alabama! You will always have a place to stay!

- Deanna & Chuck Anthony

New Years 2023

One of my absolute favorite family vacations I've ever been on thanks to you Dan + Julianna + Tanya. From all the fun water activities to all the wildlife we saw and all the insanely delicious food we ate, those are some of my all time favorite memories now. What a great way to enter 2023!!!! I know one day I would like to come back with my own family and get to run through this fun experience again! Hopefully soon! Each of you played such an important role on this trip and am so so grateful for all the hard work and joy y'all shared with us! Not to mention, the attention to detail was absolutely flooring. Pray that this coming year and the years to come bring nothing but health happinees and LOTS more fun adventures. This is one for the books!

Cheers Tara & Austin

January 2023

WOW!! What a way to start 2023

Dan, Julianna and Tanya you made our family trip most memorable. From the amazing coves, to exciting watersports, to beds always made, amazing delicious drinks and we can’t forget the massages of a lifetime! Now the food went to a level not imaginable from our home kitchen table. The meals were fabulous start to finish. Thank you all so very much for your impeccable attention to detail. Top class all around! Thank you so much for making this magic happen! - Jim & Kai

January 2023

Thank you so much Tanya, Dan & Julianna for such an amazing week! Truly one of the best times of our lives, and we owe it to you three. I hope you all have a great 2023, thanks for kicking our off to such a great start. We love y’all! Thank you Julianna for bringing me back from the dead. P.S. I will be dreaming about this food forever - Sophia

February 2023

We will forever be grateful as a combined California and Minnesota charter for making this an unforgettable adventure. If nothing else, you'll always remember us for your first foray on Moskito Island! Highlights included; James' turtle washing process, the late night games of Hearts (sorry and thank you, Julianna!) the incredible tablescapes and accompanying meals, celebrating Win's Birthday with cake and party hats, riding at top speed in the sun on the front deck, stargazing in the clear night skies, more than a few rainbows, our first experience with the sea bobs, late night swims with the giant tarpins (first group to go in with them!) and the list goes on and on... Thank you for all the laughs, the memories, the new friendships. Call us for the reunion tour when Relentless III is ready for its maiden voyage! Drew will bring the cocktails, Devon the music playlist and we'll do it all again!
- Sabrina and Adrian

Amazing Time

Thank you for a blissful week with friends! Everything was so amazing! Thank you for the epic cake, all the pain killers and for snorkel sights. We will be back!

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