Crewed Yacht Charter – All Inclusive Sailing Vacations CARTOUCHE / Jean-Jacque Coste / 95.00 Ft’
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Charter on August 13 - 27, 2022 in the Ionians / Group of 8 from Germany

Hope to see you soon!

What an incredible 2 weeks!

We had such lovely time in paradise.

Finding beautiful bays, eating delicious food (& snackers) and feeling so well taken care of.

Thank you for helping us all make such special memories!

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Charter on July 10-17, 2023 in the Ionians - Group of 8 from USA and Brazil

Dear Jao,
We are about to check out in Corfu as planned.
Everything went fine and the crew is really outstanding.
The whole group was amazed by their sympathy and their commitment to provide us with the best service.
We really appreciate. As a token of our appreciation, I have informed the captain that we are willing to give, €XXXX as tip.
Please let me know the bank information so that I can order the wire transfer immediately.
I also take this opportunity to thank you very much for your guidance on this wonderful trip.

Une semaine magnifique dont je me souviendrai pour toute la vie!! Merci infiniment Sébastien, Pauline, Line et Valentin.

What a wonderful trip! Unforgettable! Thank you Cartouche team for the most incredible services. Best wishes from Rio!

Thank you for an incredible trip accross the Greek Islands! The crew made everything perfect!

Thank you for these unforgettable moments in Greek Waters. We had an amazing time. Fantastic crew!

Merci à tous pour cette superbe semaine. Tout était impécable. On a découvert une Grèce tout à fait différente et meilleure!!!

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