THE CATAMARAN COMPANY | Guide for Charter | British Virgin Islands Official Approved Quarantine Bays

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At The Catamaran Company, the safety and well being of our guests and employees is the main priority. In light of the challenges presented by a new reality, we have decided to proactively implement measures and protocols. We want visitors to the BVI to feel welcome, safe, and to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime in our beloved islands. In order to promote social distancing, we have prepared a series of videos containing most of the necessary information to plan your visit. Instead of doing "in-person" briefings between our staff members and guests, these are now held remotely, at your own pace and with the convenience of video. All these videos are divided in playlists. Feel free to browse as many of these as you need. Watch them all, or just watch the one which contains the area you will be visiting. This is the playlist for Chart Briefings: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Charter Dept: 1800 262 0308 Since this is an evolving situation, we advise to always check for the latest advisories. All information in video is accurate at time of filming, for most recent updates please visit

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