Meet Our Brokers at The Catamaran Company: Hank Hampton

711 views | Uploaded on 4/27/2020 8:56:57 PM

At The Catamaran Company, we are very proud of the team we have created through our 30 years in business. We want to bring you the faces and the stories of our brokers, a fine group of people from diverse backgrounds, but all whom share a passion for boats and sailing. In this video, we introduce you to Hank Hampton. After building a successful career in the corporate industry, Hank decided to give it all up to pursue his dream life in the Caribbean. He cashed out all his stock, purchased his first catamaran, and started a remarkable charter business that earned lots of awards and recognition. Hank pursued his sailing dreams and now his goal is to help you pursue YOURS - and that's why he's a broker with The Catamaran Company. Splitting his time between St. Thomas, VI & Florida, Hank is easy to get a hold of, and he'd like to pass on his sailing knowledge to you - so don't hesitate to reach out! If you would like to know more about Hank, please follow this link: We invite you to subscribe to our channel. Whether you are on the market to purchase, sell or charter a boat, The Catamaran Company is your best option. We specialize in multihulls. We are worldwide leaders in the marketing of this type of vessel, and we also offer a one stop solution for all your catamaran needs, both on sail and power. We want you to get to know us better and find out what separates us from other competitors, so go ahead and visit our website: (954) 449-4611 And don't to forget to like and share this video and subscribe to our channel.

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