Lagoon 450 Catamaran for Sale "Annie" | Exterior Boat Walkthrough Tour

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BOAT HIGHLIGHTS: - A FLY-BRIDGE WITH 2 SECURE ACCESS, THE HELM STATION FOR PERFECT VISIBILITY AND A LARGE SUNBATH - A SPACIOUS COCKPIT WITH SUNDECK, WALK-IN KITCHEN, AND A VENTILATION PANEL. - A SECOND COCKPIT TO BETTER ENJOY THE BEACH BEFORE Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida If you missed the INTERIOR WAKLTHROUGH video of this boat, click here to watch that first: Perfect for charter, perfect for families and for blue water cruising, the Lagoon 450 is one of the most sought after models in the multihull market. Follow Staley Weidman through this video presentation of a 2017 model in great condition. Even if you feel like you've seen videos of the 450 before, we encourage you to check this one out. We take great efforts to make sure that our videos remain informative and chances are you will either learn something new as you watch or at least enjoy the beautiful lines of this vessel. For pricing and additional info regarding this boat, please click the following link: We invite you to subscribe to our channel. We are preparing a lot of content for your enjoyment and the best way to hear about it first is by subscribing. We are busy making many types of videos targeted to the sailing community and we are sure you will like them, even if you are only starting your research or if you already are a seasoned enthusiast of multihulls. Whether you are on the market to purchase, sell or charter a boat, The Catamaran Company is your best option, we specialize in multihulls. We are worldwide leaders in the marketing of this type of vessels, and we also offer a one stop solution for all your catamaran needs, both on sail and power. Our company provides a full range of services, such as dockage, boat maintenance, authorized repairs, full service marinas. We want you to get to know us better and find out what separates us from other competitors, so go ahead and visit our website: (954) 449-4611 And don't to forget to like and share this video and subscribe to our channel. __________________________________________________________________________ 00:00 - 00:19 - INTRO 00:19 - 01:33 - TRANSOM 01:33 - 02:00 - AFT DECK 02:00 - 02:53 - HELM VISIBILITY 02:53 - 04:17 - FLYBRIDGE 04:17 - 05:20 - CONDITION OF SAILS 05:20 - 07:14 - AFT COCKPIT 07:14 - 08:14 - ENGINE COMPARTMENT 08:14 - 08:57 - FORWARD COCKPIT 08:57 - 09:49 - GENERATOR 09:49 - 10:43 - BOW COMPARTMENT 10:43 - 11:20 - DECK+TRAMPOLINES 11:20 - 13:39 - HULL DESIGN 13:39 - 14:03 - OUTRO

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