How to Operate the Water maker aboard Lagoon 450 Charter Yacht "Reposado"

The watermaker option that we selected for Reposado, of which we didn't fully appreciate at the time, turned out to be a great investment. The two of us consume between 25-30 gallons of fresh water/day (~115 liters) ... showers, cooking & cleaning. We can store up to ~180 gallons in our holding tanks - which equates to needing a fill up every 6 days. The water maker onboard Reposado can make about 25 gallons (100 liters) of water per hour - which means gone is the stress of rationing water and/or sailing off course to fill up the water tanks. In this video we provide the step by step instructions on how to make water with Reposado's machine. Reposado, Lagoon 450 is available to rent for a sailing vacation with The Catamaran Company in the British Virgin Islands. To view more information about Reposado, Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran please click here Contact The Catamaran Company for more information at or call 1800-262-0308

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