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What is CDW & DDW ?

Know Before You Go : Options, Extras & Costs

At The Catamaran Company we know that everyone has different ideas of “the perfect charter”. That’s why we offer plenty of options and extras to allow your charter to be as unique and exciting as YOU want to make it! All of the charter companies have different payment and cancellation terms, as well as various options – your charter consultant will help you discern the difference. The following information represents The Catamaran Company’s options and extras.

CDW – The Collision Damage Waiver and the DDW – Dinghy Damage Waiver:
The Collision Damage Waiver and the Dinghy Damage Waiver are mandatory for all charters and provide coverage for the yacht and its equipment including the dinghy/ob, except in the case of gross negligence or intoxication.

The Dinghy Damage Waiver will insure against damages, destruction or loss of the tender, outboard and its equipment. In the event of a lost dinghy (stolen or otherwise), Catamaran Charters will make attempts to replace the dinghy at a rental fee of $80 per day of charter (excluding DDW for replacement and delivery costs when applicable).

The CDW and DDW is payable 45 days before the charter commences and the cost is $74 per day for boats less than 50ft and $84 for boats over 50ft

Refundable Damage Deposit:
A $1000 refundable damage deposit will be charged at check-in at the base and refunded after your charter ends