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Q: What will the meals and beverages be like?

A: The menus are designed around your food preferences. The chefs will prepare meals upon request but we suggest letting the chefs prepare meals as this is what they do best. It is generally recognized that the best chefs in the Caribbean are crew on yachts.

Alcoholic beverages, such as wine, beer and cocktails, from the catamaran standard bar, are included in the cost of the trip, except in the case of excessive consumption for which you may be charged a bit more. The variety will vary depending on the cost of the charter with larger, more expensive yachts providing finer wines and premium liquors. Most yachts can also stock specific brands of fine liquor and vintage wines at your expense.

Special Diets - Most crew will do everything to accommodate your personal dietary requirements. Many can do vegetarian menus that will delight everyone, not just the vegetarians! Kosher is available on some boats, though often in 'modified' form due to the constraints of a yacht's galley. The most important thing is to get in touch with the yacht as soon as possible and communicate your special needs early. With enough warning, most things are possible even in the islands!

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What will the meals and beverages be like?

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