Walkthrough of Sunreef 80 Sailing Catamaran "Endless Horizon" Best in Show MBS 2020 Part 2 Exterior

281,554 views | Uploaded on 7/21/2020 3:51:25 PM

(CLICK HERE TO WATCH PART 1 INTERIOR WALKTHROUGH - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGfsz92nm5Y) We could say so many things about "Endless Horizon". She is a gorgeous luxury sailing catamaran. The Catamaran Company was very involved in making this boat a reality, and subsequently winning "Best in Show Award" at the Miami Boat Show 2020. Let Staley guide you on this expert tour of the boat's exterior. Subscribe to our channel so you know first when the last video in the series will be released. Part 3 will tell the story of our participation in the making of this yacht. Contact Staley Weidman: (954) 494-7569 staley@catamarans.com Check out the new video section in our website: https://www.catamarans.com/catamaran-video Whether you are on the market to purchase, sell or charter a boat, The Catamaran Company is your best option, we specialize in multihulls. We are worldwide leaders in the marketing of this type of vessels, and we also offer a one stop solution for all your catamaran needs, both on sail and power. Our company provides a full range of services, such as dockage, boat maintenance, authorized repairs, full service marinas. We want you to get to know us better and find out what separates us from other competitors, so go ahead and visit our website: https://www.catamarans.com (954) 449-4611 yachtsales@catamarans.com

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