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Sailing is supposed to be fun and "Aristotele," this Lagoon 420 catamaran for sale certainly delivers with a high degree of comfort, convenience and stability. A family cruising cat with an ocean going pedigree, the Lagoon 420 offers quality, value and sociability. Lagoon's ingenious layout joins the outdoor living room where owners and guests spend most of their time with the salon through the aft facing galley. Having the raised helm station with seating for two at the heart of the cockpit allows the captain to join in on the fun!

Now let's talk about versatility. This Lagoon 420 catamaran for sale was introduced with the option for three different power configurations. "Aristotele" went with the middle ground and offers twin 40-horsepower Yanmar diesels and saildrives. Sea trials conducted through the years indicate that at cruising speed, the 40 horse engine uses .7 gallons of diesel and hour, using about two gallons wide open. The opportunity to offer the 420 with carious power options was designed into this cat's twin hulls from the onset. The 420 carries a lot of beam aft to provide more buoyancy. The result is a cat that is very maneuverable under power.

In other respects, the 420 is classic Lagoon, with its gullwing bridgedeck and deckhouse with vertical windows enclosing a comfortable, well-lit lounge, dining area and galley. The hulls on this Lagoon 420 "Aristotele" are true twins with two cabins, each with a queen-size berth and head and separate shower. This combination of comfort, cat like reflexes and fun will not last long, make your appointment today … before she off on a new adventure with someone else!

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