Say Goodbye to the Land of No, Hello to the Sea of YES!

Stop saying no to challenge, fun, better relationships and opportunity. Say YES! to a catamaran sailing vacation with The Catamaran Company. You will be glad you did!

We are busier than ever! Crammed with commitments to work, home, family and the never-ending technological advancements that encourage us to respond faster, learn more and exist at a frenetic pace; we have mastered the ability to say “No”. “No” to a lazy Sunday afternoon, “No” to an impromptu visit with neighbors, “No” to that extra game of catch before dinner ... heck, we even say “No” to dinner! So how about instead of saying “No”, say “YES!”

Say YES to challenge. It is easy to think you’re not up to it. Why add any more challenge to your life than you already have? While there are a few challenges you might have good reason to say no to, say YES to the challenges that stretch and grow you. Challenge yourself to unplug from the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter world we are living in and focus on you. Challenge yourself to PEACE OUT on our 2018 Lagoon 450 with four cabins and four heads. This challenge just may connect you to your best you.

Say YES to fun. Too much fun can be frivolous, but I don’t see very many leaders or business people doing that. It is easy to get so focused and absorbed in our work that we forget to enjoy it and have fun. You can make any situation fun by the attitude and energy you bring to it, so why not BRING IT ON a Gemini Legacy 35? Book one for you and your sweetie or book up to five with likeminded seekers of fun!

Say YES to better relationships. Anyone can spread him or herself too thin relationally. If you are continually networking and connecting with new people, you can give too little attention to the relationships you already have. Improving and deepening relationships that matter to you is always something good to say YES to. Plan a family reunion on one of our five cabin, five head Lagoon 52 catamarans. There is plenty of room on ANCHOR MANAGEMENT, NAUGHTY BY NATURE and SEA RUNNER ! Put your top relationships up front and center for a week of adventure.

Say YES to opportunity. One of my favorite quotes from Milton Berle is “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!” Sometimes opportunity finds you but more often than not, you have to search for it. You can shorten the search by aligning yourself with likeminded people who challenge and stimulate you, people who “make thigs happen”. And when you do find opportunity, do not let it pass you by. Grab like the brass ring that it is. Check out our PURCHASE FOR CHARTER program and own your own catamaran, marketed and managed by our team at The Catamaran Company.


Photo Credit :Nicolas Claris

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