There are a few key points you may want to considerÖ
by Brent Hermann, Yacht Broker
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Media Release: 7/2/2008

When you decide to sell your catamaran, there are several things you need to take into consideration in order to maximize what the final sale price will be. Notice I said final sale price, not your asking price. There is a difference, and the more you prepare your vessel prior to listing it for sale directly correlates to how big that difference is. That said, Iíve put together a quick pre-listing checklist for your review.

I also wanted to announce that my amphibious plane is finally complete! As most of you know, this is something thatís been in the works for years. How does this relate to the sale of your boat? For all you down-island sellers, Iím now in position to hop on my plane to come see your listing personally. I canít even begin to describe how crucial this first-hand knowledge is when presenting your boat to a potential sellerÖ