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"HULL 1172"
2014 Gemini Legacy 35
3 Cabin + 1 Head
Located: Georgetown, MD, USA
Asking: $246,177
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In the sailing community, there is an old adage, "It's not about where you are going; but rather how you are going to get there.” The Gemini Legacy 35 provides a safe and stable, cost effective platform to take you where you need to go. Hull 1172 boast 30 years of innovation in catamaran design; in addition to 40 years of the finest, most advanced research and development in American yacht manufacturing. Through their passion, coupled with customer feedback and expert craftsmanship: The Gemini Legacy 35 is an entirely new design and the result is stunning!
The Gemini Legacy 35 has been engineered so that all the sail tending lines lead back to the cockpit at the helm station. The cockpit is more open and much easier to move about. The side decks are wider making it much easier to go forward. She has better visibility at the helm and fixed keels with no centerboards to raise or lower. She is more maneuverable with small twin Yanmar diesels. The interior has more space, a better layout and is easier to get around. This is one of the most efficient pieces of machinery on the water and ready to take your family or friends on an enjoyable cruise to your next vacation destination.



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