Sue Tucker's Bid to Qualify for World Chapmionship a Ironman

Leg two is coming to a close. Here we sit in our lovely little bungalow in Koh Samui The bag is almost packed and the bed is starting to call. Itís another 4:15am start to get to the airport for our 6:00am flight back up to Bangkok and on to Singapore.

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Leg two is coming to a close. Here we sit in our lovely little bungalow in Koh Samui The bag is almost packed and the bed is starting to call. It’s another 4:15am start to get to the airport for our 6:00am flight back up to Bangkok and on to Singapore. The good thing about early flights is it keeps us ready for the early start on race morning. I am sure this early start will be better then the trip down from Bangkok that took us a couple of days to get over when combined with the 24 hours of travel from New York.

We have had a lovely stay here in Koh Samui with Steve’s sister Sharon her husband Greg and their six year old son Kota. They set us up in a nice little one bedroom bungalow in Maenam bay. We are only a couple of minutes up from the beach back in a coconut grove. It is so lovely and quiet here. No chickens crowing at the head of our bed, we don’t have Quito’s band playing as we go to sleep. There are no trucks or backhoes going up and down the road first thing in the morning.

Steve has had his first couple of runs here. It’s nice to get up in the morning and have a run up the road through the coconut grove. People are very friendly and smile and wave when we go past. One morning I came around the corner to find a very large dropping in the middle of the road. I had to wonder who it belonged. Around the next corner I discovered the owner, a large water buffalo walking up the middle of the road. I was very happy to see that he was being led by his owner.

I have to confess I wasn’t brave enough to get my bike out and attempt a ride on these roads. The traffic is rather busy and I am now getting used to the number of bikes and cars that fly up and down the road. The road it self is similar to Tortola with it’s patchy tarmack and broken concrete but there is an addition to the road and so there is a inch wide crack that looks hungry for a road bike tire. I think mountain bikes are much better suited for koh Samui. However if we had stayed here longer I am sure I would have plucked up the courage to break out the road bike.

Sharon, Greg and Kota took wonderful care of us while we were here. They showed us the good local restaurants, bars and beaches. They took us around the Island to see the tourist sites. I have to confess that after living in Tortola for almost ten years I am spoiled when it comes to beaches. The water isn’t as clear and blue as it is in the BVI’s. But they do have lots of nice beaches.

Steve and I took a day trip over to one of the neighboring Islands. At 7:55 we finally worked out the time table and discovered that our ferry was to leave at 8:00 and not 10:30 as we had thought. So with that we hopped on the scooter and raced down to the ferry pier.  We didn’t really know where it was. After stopping and asking a couple of people, thank goodness Steve speaks such great Thai, we turned right at the temple and found ourselves behind the bus for the ferry so we were just in time. We were the last two to board the ferry which was packed. We went over to Koh Phangan which holds a huge full moon party so there were many people on their way over for that. Once in Phangan we ate some noodles at a stall on the side of the road for breakfast and then went to hire a motor bike. Up to this point we had been traveling around on Sharon and Greg’s chicken chaser (this is what Steve calls the scooters) The two of us must look a sight riding around on the bike as we are both so big. For a more comfortable ride we rented a dirt bike. Thank goodness for that. Little did we know when we rented it that on our trip to the other side of the Island the road would go from concrete to dirt. I have to admit I was a bit white knuckled on the trip over (no comments from you Steve!) but the way back seemed much faster. We had traveled over to Thong Nai Pan which is made of two beaches and a head land in between the two. Steve had visited and stayed there 15 years ago. At that time it was all little grass huts on the beach. Now like Koh Samui there are big resorts with lots of bars and restaurants up and down the beach. But the feel was very laid back and peace full.

On our trip back over to the South side we stopped to see some Elephants. For a dollar you can buy a bunch of bananas to feed them. It’s so amazing to get so close to these animals and be able to touch and feed them. They have the most amazing eyes. There is a  huge difference between how people live here. You can pick up a magazine with hotels and spas that look so amazing. Your own little bungalow complete with private pool and amazing decorations. And then there are the crew with the elephants who are living in bamboo huts on stilts with no running water. You can pay $1 for a plate of noodles or curry at a road side restaurant or you can spend hundreds in the up scale restaurants on the Island.

Well it’s time for bed  and an early rise tomorrow.

Will check in again after Singapore!

Sue and Steve

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