'Margarita' returns from Vladivostok to Singapore in 12 days

The Lagoon 500 'Margarita' recently returned from Vladivostok to Singapore with a new record: 12 days... This is an average speed of 15 knots with a top speed recorded of 22.1 knots!

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The spectacular Lagoon 500, designed by Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost, was conceived to build on the strength and beauty of the Lagoon tradition and the innovations of the Lagoon 440.

'Margarita' is a true testament to the 500's potential. Captain of Margarita, Mr. Alexander Shatokhin said it was the most exciting and pleasing voyage of his career. The Lagoon 500 Margarita sailed together with the Lagoon 440 Arabella on the first 100 miles of the journey. Then they parted ways, with the Lagoon 440 Arabella heading towards Korea and the Lagoon 500 Margarita taking the direction of Singapore. The two cruising catamarans, who have clocked over 12.000 miles in one year, will meet again soon in Singapore.

Some noteworthy design characteristics of the Lagoon 500 include:

  • flybridge helm station with all the sail control lines, reefing included

  • extra-wide flybridge bench seat allowing guests to join the helmsman

  • rigid cockpit bimini, with storage overhead for the cockpit table

  • main cockpit now a vast social space - full wet bar with standard refrigerator, optional ice-maker

  • second cockpit forward of the main salon and behind the trampoline - now with face-to-face seating to enhance sociability

  • galley to port, one step down from the main salon - separate but connected to all social activities

  • nav. station facing forward with unmatched visibility, expansive instrument display surfaces, and optional throttle and steering controls to provide a lower steering station sheltered from the weather

  • large fixed windows in the hulls to provide panoramic views in all staterooms

  • all berths semi-island, with access from both sides of the bed

  • separate shower compartments in aft heads, shower doors in forward heads

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