Two new models are scheduled to launch this summer

Following the launch of the MAHE 36 and, as scheduled in its strategic project, FOUNTAINE PAJOT unveils two new items that will be sailing in 2007: the SALINA 48 (May 2007) and the ORANA 44 (June 2007).

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(JPEG) The SALINA 48 is designed to renew one of FOUNTAINE PAJOT’s greatest successes: the BAHIA 46, of which over 170 were built in its 10 years of manufacture.

The company has entrusted its demanding list of specifications to architects Berret/Racoupeau:

- Create a sea going vessel, able to sail in conditions that are sometimes harsh, with easy no obstacle circulation on the bridge.
- The saloon/cockpit must make up a single unit, with no steps needed for access and with a very wide opening.
- The helm must be able to accommodate 3 people and must be convivial with the cockpit, providing direct and protected access.
- Maneuvers (halyards, sheets, etc.) must be grouped together at the helm, in order to maneuver without having to move about.
- The sun bathing area must be able to be used at sea.
- The berths must be magnificent with portholes offering a view of the sea, low beds that do not require any steps, private bathrooms with separate showers, passageways without thresholds.

Demanding in terms of safety:
Its length (48’/14.30 m) gives it a thin shape, with a very low center of gravity for comfort and safety at sea. Its 136 m2 sail plan performs very effectively and does not cause any pitch in choppy conditions.

Demanding in terms of comfort on board:
On board, the saloon/cockpit unit has an impressive amount of volume, forming a continuous area: a card table facing the sea, L shaped kitchen with the new « Piano© »* refrigerator, inside and outside table, lounge corner outside, etc. This generously proportioned area provides a cozy atmosphere.

Two versions:
The SALINA 48 comes in two versions:

- Quatuor version: 4 cabins, 4 bathrooms, with sleeping accommodations for 12 (not including the saloon)

- Maestro version: a private suite in a hull, with laundry volume making open sea sailing possible, and of course a hull for Guests.

New manufacturing technologies:
The SALINA 48 is manufactured with FOUNTAINE PAJOT’s new technologies: the sandwich composite hull is infused and the deckhouse is odd side molded with the new RTM eco technology.


(JPEG)In the lineage of the famous VENEZIA 42 and BELIZE 43, FOUNTAINE PAJOT has ordered a 44 foot catamaran from JOUBERT/NIVELT, designed for private sails on the open sea as well as for hired charter programs, with 4 double cabins.

Enter the ORANA 44:
The idea behind the ORANA 44 is above all to be a very sea going vessel, sporting a high degree of comfort. Its very low center of gravity provides maximum safety, and same level circulation between the cockpit and the saloon. The kitchen is oriented towards the cockpit and opens onto it, offering a lot of room and providing a pleasant experience inside and out. A large sliding bay provides direct access between the saloon and the cockpit. THE ORANA 44 enjoys a very beautiful saloon table that can seat 8 dinner guests, with a 180° exceptional panoramic view via the bow bay windows and the sliding stern bay window. In the saloon, a privileged spot is reserved for the card table facing the sea.

Berth ergonomics:

- A double bed of the "island" type has been incorporated into one of the starboard hull cabins.
This is indeed the owner’s suite in the Maestro version.
- The other 3 cabins are furnished with "semi-island" beds.


- Each one of the 4 cabins has its own private toilet with separate shower in this 44 footer.

Refrigeration system: a new process designed by FOUNTAINE PAJOT *:

-  The refrigerator is close to the kitchen and has an opening of the "piano©" type, i.e. it can be opened from the top as well as from the front. This provides easy access to the entire cold volume.

Afterdeck :

- The helm can accommodate 3 people and groups all navigational maneuver together, affording excellent visibility above the deckhouse.
- A solarium is located behind the helm, including 2 mattresses with an adjustable backrest of the deck chair type.

Sailing performance conjugated with comfort and safety :
The ORANA 44 is well endowed with its specified 110 square feet of sail, its performance in medium weather allows it to sail for long periods of time using the sail and thus benefit from reduced use of the engines.

New manufacturing technologies:
Finally, the ORANA 44’s single piece hull is infused, with infused composite partitions. Its deckhouse is made using FOUNTAINE PAJOT’s new technology, the RTM eco.

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