Recent Study Confirms Boating Benefits Your Health

Next time one of your friends say you spend too much time on your boat, you can tell them you are working towards a healthier lifestyle.

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As statisticians are fond of saying, "the numbers don't lie." A recent study conducted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has shown that non-boaters have worse health on average than their boating counterparts.

The online survey was conducted with a random sample of 1,029 men and women selected to closely match U.S. population demographics.

Boaters seem to spend more time on active recreation than non-boaters. This increased physical activity keeps boaters from visiting the hospital as often as non-boaters.

Non-boaters also tend to be more overweight, because of lack of exercise. In addition to the physical benefits, when asked about the overall quality of their lives, boat owners rated their quality of life 5% better than did non-boaters. This was attributed to the fact that the study showed boat owners had a higher satisfaction with their familial relationships, and accomplishments.

The study showed that more than half of the boating participants claimed that boating had added to their well being. Boaters also had a greater sense of self-esteem.

Non-boat owner’s had a higher tendency to be unhappy and lonely which gave them a feeling of uselessness. The ability for boaters to get away and unwind is the foundation for all of boating benefits.

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