Having the right education will put you on track...

To gain the experience needed to get your handle on sailing, sailing schools and clubs are the best possible route to consider gaining access to the sea as a sailor.

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If your hearts desire is to go from a sailing novice to captain of the ocean you must start by getting the right education.

          Sailing schools will provide you with all the information you could possibly need. A sailing club can be where you can get the practice you need. Sailing clubs usually provide the vessels on which to practice and gain more experience to sail.

          Depending on what you need to learn and how much experience you have and are looking to gain, it’s of imperative importance to research where to go. To begin, you should know that there are many programs open to your specific needs and budget. There are many for profit schools that will help you learn the ways of the seas on week long eight hour session programs, others can be scheduled for those of you that prefer the weekends to sail. There are also non profit programs that can be scheduled for fun filled weekends, in which one can learn the basics to begin.

          To get started a little more than simple desire is required. Before you entrust yourself and your family to any given organization or program these are things you should be aware of:

- Your instructors training and certifications. You will probably want who you are learning from to be certified by the A.S.A. the American Sailing Association or by U.S. Sailing, the national sailing authority.

- How will you, the student be certified? Will your certification be recognized by other schools and sailing organizations and clubs?

- Depending on the sailing skills you are looking to acquire inform yourself about the learning materials and tools used by the program you choose. Also it is important to know if the program will teach you on boats you want to learn about. Check for your preferred type and size of ship.

- How long has the school been active in the sailing community and how dedicated to the students is the program. You should be looking for smaller groups per class so that you are able to have as much attention from your instructor as you may need

- Lastly if you have continued interest on what you have learned will the program help you connect to others in the sea like you by referring you to groups or clubs or charters.

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