What is it actually like on a luxury crewed sailing vacation?

We operate the world's largest catamaran only fleet, and manage more crewed catamarans than anyone else in the world. Our only job is to find the yacht crew, cruising area and itinerary that you would like to experience. Contact us today and find out what truly sets us apart from the rest.

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What is it actually like on a luxury crewed yacht sailing vacation?

From the moment you step on board for welcoming cocktails your thoughts of home melt away to anticipation of the exotic islands you are about to encounter on your sailing vacation. And by the end of the week after gourmet meals, leisurely sails, snorkeling, kayaking, and discovering the islands, your worries are no more cumbersome than whether your bikini matches your sarong!

What does all inclusive actually mean when booking a sailing vacation?

The all-inclusive price means no headaches and no stress.  No cooking over a hot galley with no air conditioning, no worry about making sure you have the right amount of provisions.  No worry about over stocking or under stocking!  And most importantly no mess to clean or having to tidy your cabin.  It is all done for you.

 All meals, open bar, water sports, as well as the expertise of the crew are included in the weeklong adventure. 

How does the crew know what we like and dislike when sailing on this vacation?

Upon booking your reservation, a preference sheet is sent.  You fill in your likes and dislikes and the activities, food, beverages you prefer.  A phone call from the crew settles your anxieties and e-mails are sent back and forth.  By the time you reach your destination, you already feel one knows the crew.

What if I don’t want to return to the same island as we booked last year?

These luxurious catamarans equipped with the latest technology and sailing equipment can get to your destination of choice quickly and efficiently. 

Choose from the relaxation of the beach bars of Jost Van Dyke, to the sophistication of trendy St. Barths, to the picturesque quaintness of Petite Martinique.

What if I don’t want the expense of a private yacht but still want to experience some of its attributes & advantages?

Certain sailing vacation companies like www.catamarans.com does tailor make all vacations.  Book the entire yacht, which means you have access to every cabin onboard, or choose to just charter a stateroom all inclusive!   They can offer Stateroom sailing vacations almost anywhere in the Caribbean. Choose your cruise from the British Virgin Islands, the Leewards, or the Grenadines; Bahamas, New England and Belize.

Wherever you are, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our experienced crew, numerous water toys, and high performance catamarans.

Go ahead and take the plunge into the turquoise depths of the Caribbean from aboard catamarans.   Charter the entire boat with you friends, explore the secrets of islands and seam and at the end of the day, while anchored in a sheltered cove at sunset, try to catch a glimpse of the famous elusive “green flash” on a perfect cloudless Caribbean evening.

What is a typical day on a sailing vacation?


A typical day starts off with freshly brewed coffee or tea to go with your fruit juice. The table is set for everything from a continental breakfast to poached eggs wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese. Make sure you wear a swimsuit to breakfast so that you can immediately enjoy your post breakfast dip before setting off sailing.


Anchoring for lunch brings with it an ice cold beer, wine, cocktail or soft drink. After a sumptuous meal of chicken fajitas with black bean salsa you will be ready for your siesta… or windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing or snorkeling.

Cocktail Hour

It is 5p.m.. ..Are you ready for a cocktail? Blender creations are our specialty to start your evening, an accompanied by grilled pesto sticks, salsa and hummus on pita bread triangles. It should take approximately thirty seconds to dress for dinner by the tie you have tied a sarong around your swimsuit!


Pork tenderloin awaits with mango chutney or perhaps grilled grouper?


Before your coffee and liqueurs, chocolate mousse or pineapple upside down cake MUST be sampled.

Different food, different evening, you choose what, where and when.

If you still have any energy left then a strenuous board game awaited you to close out the evening…as well as plentiful snacks and beverages! If you cannot finish them, do not worry. There is always tomorrow!

What about diving on sailing vacations?

Yip that is arranged too.  Most of these cats are equipped with dive compressor, dive gear, certified dive instructors.  If you don’t dive yet, instruction can be arranged while on your sailing vacation.  Enjoy latest instruction on the yachts flat screen TV with latest educational material.  Go to beginner, immediate or advanced spots.

Kite Surfing too…?

Oh yes, that is provided!  The latest, hottest watersport around.  Some of these captains are unbelievable and can show you some tricks you have not seen locally.

The list is really endless.  These vacations are tailor-made to your preferences.  www.catamarans.com offers the latest catamarans of all sizes.  Good value to upscale.

For more information visit www.catamarans.com or call 800-262-0309 for more information.