New Lagoon 440 added to Crewed Sailing Vacations fleet


Venture into one of the Caribbean’s most enchanting places. The British Virgin Islands are truly an incredible, breath taking set of islands.

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The British Virgin Islands suits all kinds of lifestyles and activities. Charterers can sail to one of the BVI’s crowded party islands, where the night life is hectic. This remarkable group of Islands also offer secluded quiet beaches, where you can relax and let your problems dissipate into thin air.

The islands are very diverse in terrain and foliage. The sailing around the islands is one of kind. At any given point in the year, there always seems to be a gentle breeze, and the seas are seldom rough. Snorkeling around the islands is equally amazing and diverse.

Since “Catatonic” a Lagoon 440 is available for crewed sailing vacations you can experience the beauty of the BVI’s while being treated like royalty throughout your trip. The crew is composed of a fun loving and adventurous couple who will go to great lengths to ensure the most pleasurable experience possible.

Even though “Catatonic” is a crewed vessel it doesn’t mean that a set schedule is imposed upon the charter guest. The Captain and Mate will tailor each trip and each day of your visit to meet your needs, moods as well as advise you on the various options and activities. Of course, weather is taken into account when planning your custom sailing vacation.

Comfort and ergonomics was a main concern when Lagoon planned the design of this catamaran. The forward cockpit utilizes face to face seating.

Innovative features such as a storage facility of the cockpit table is built-in allowing for added space when post dinner dancing or simply stretching is in your plans. The aft passageway allows easy access from left to right.

The salon is extremely spacious. Ten people can easily fit around the modular table. With all these features and many more to list it is impossible for charters from any background not to have a great sailing vacation experience.

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