Catamaran charter bookings up 30%, more cats needed!

The Catamaran Company experienced a huge rise in bookings last year and the number of Charter requests for the ‘06/07 season has only increased.

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Despite a rise in the size of our fleet some models are already fully booked even as the season has just begun.

The average number of weeks each yacht is booked has increased 20%. This is the perfect time to join our fleet, interest rates are low (approximately 7% for charter yachts) and bookings are up. Your dream cat can pay for itself while you enjoy free vacations with unlimited owners time on your own cat.

The Catamaran Company not only has the largest fleet of Charter Cats, we also are the only fleet to feature the Lagoon 440 currently the most popular charter cat.

We particularly encourage prospective owners to consider the New Lagoon 420, a strikingly modern design with innovative hybrid drive technology. She will be very popular because of her tremendous accommodations, and "Green" appeal, at attractive pricing. The biggest opportunity lies with the Lagoon 500, after debating whether this model had Bareboat potential, to our surprise it is fully booked and we are turning bookings away, We have a new L500 on order and her buyer will earn an annual 10% return.

The Lagoon 500 has wonderful accommodations for Ten, (with option of two bow singles) featuring all the space for Dining, inside and out; Relaxing, in both forward and aft cockpits; a Galley equipped and sized to prepare gourmet meals for this large group, and of course the Lagoon signature Flying Bridge your complete command center.

Please contact your broker to inquire into the advantages of our Revenue Sharing based charter plan.

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