Find the right catamaran at the right price!

Just what is a good buy?  A good buy can be a vessel that's priced under market value, loaded with extras, or conveniently located.  It can be any or all of these but most importantly, a vessel is only a good buy if it's a good fit for your needs.

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There are over one thousand catamarans in the used market.  How do you find the catamaran that's right for you?  Finding a good deal can be tricky but knowing what to look for, what you need and what your budget is will help you find the right catamaran at the right price. With the help of your broker, you can easily uncover the catamaran that's been waiting for you.

In this newsletter you will see my TOP PICKS right now in the used catamaran market.  But first, here's how you can tell if the catamaran you have your eye on is the one for you. 

Value – Is the vessel competitively priced?  Check the comps to see if the vessel is accurately priced in comparison to similar vessels. Your broker can help you determine if the asking price is fair, a great deal, or too high.

Condition – What is the vessel's condition?  If you're serious about a purchase, a surveyor's professional opinion is recommended to ensure the vessel is seaworthy.  You will receive a full survey report that will help you determine how much work is actually needed and recommended.  This can be done before or after viewing your vessel.

Location – Where is the vessel located?  Looking for a vessel near where you intend to keep it will help save you the cost of delivery.  This is pretty obvious.  The more money you save, the more you will have for your adventures!

Needs – Does the vessel fit your needs?  This is the most important thing to consider.  Where do you intend to take your catamaran and what items are a must-have for you?  Your broker will guide you to vessels that will satisfy those needs.

Now that you know what to keep in mind when searching for your catamaran, here's my list of TOP PICKS right now in the used catamaran market. If you feel any of these meet your buying criteria and would like to receive further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

LOA Year Manufacturer/Model Location Price
26' 2005 Excite Cat 810 Ft Lauderdale, FL $215,000
43' 2003 Lagoon Power 43 Ft Lauderdale, FL $499,000
43' 2004 Lagoon Power 43 Tortola, BVI $399,000
44' 2000 Seawind Venturer 44 Palm City, FL $410,000
46' 2005 Crowther 46 Marco Island, FL $749,000
64' 1997 Prout Panther 64 Bahamas $1,349,000

LOA Year Manufacturer/Model Location Price
32' 1995 PDQ 32 LRC Ft Lauderdale, FL $117,000
34' 1996 Gemini 105M Ft Lauderdale, FL $97,500
34' 1993 Gemini 34 Shady Side, MD $82,500
38' 1997 Fountanie Pajot Athena Cruising Curacao $162,500
38' 2005 Lagoon 380 S2 the Florida Keys $335,000
38' 1995 Fountaine Pajot Athena Tortola, BVI $159,000
38' 2004 Admiral 38 Ft Lauderdale, FL $289,000
39' 2003 Seawind SW1200 Ft Lauderdale, FL $309,000
39' 1989 Privilege 39 Ft Pierce, FL $150,000
40' 1995 Dean Aero Tortola, BVI $269,000
40' 1996 Norseman 400 New Bern, NC $215,000
40' 1995 Catana 411 Naples, FL $292,000
41' 2003 Lagoon 410 Ft Lauderdale, FL $399,900
41' 2003 Lagoon 410 Hodge's Creek, BVI $275,000
41' 2003 Lagoon 410 House Point, FL $325,000
41' 2006 Lagoon 410 S2 Tortola, BVI $459,000
42' 1999 Privilege 42 Tortola, BVI $299,000
42' 1996 Fountaine Pajot Venezia Palm Coast, FL $245,000
43' 2000 Privilege 435 Oyster Pond, St Martin $340,000
43' 2001 Fountaine Pajot Belize St Martin $260,000
43' 1999 Perry 43 Charlotte, FL $350,000
43' 2006 R&C Leopard 43 Norfolk, VA $375,000
43' 2001 Fountaine Pajot Belize Edgewater, MD $309,000
43' 2000 Voyage Norseman 430 Tortola, BVI $256,000
44' 2001 St Francis MKII Annapolis, MD $299,000
44' 2005 Lagoon 440 Ft Lauderdale, FL $590,000
45' 1992 Fountaine Pajot Wilimington, NC $229,000
45' 2001 R&C Leopard 45 Ft Pierce, FL $345,000
46' 2002 Fountaine Pajot Belize Martinique $353,475
46' 2002 Fountaine Pajot Bahia Tortola, BVI $335,000
47' 2001 Lagoon 470 Tortola, BVI $598,000
47' 2001 Lagoon 470 Tortola, BVI $486,590
50' 1999 Voyage 500 Kaneohe Bay, HI $495,000
50' 2006 Lagoon 500 City Island, NY $899,999
55' 1991 Lagoon 55 Tortola, BVI $579,999
63' 1995 Custom Lloyds 63 cruising Rio de Janeiro $1,267,895
67' 1996 Lagoon 67 Cancun, Mexico $1,550,000

Making An Offer: Things to Consider

Pre-approved financing
– When you get pre-approved for financing it establishes exactly what you can afford and puts you in the strongest possible negotiating position. Click here to read more about catamaran financing.

Seller's state of mind – I've always said, "Don't be discouraged about the asking price of a yacht".  The asking price only reflects the seller's state of mind the day he listed it or made the last change to the listing.  What he/she will accept for the vessel now may have changed.  The best way to find out is to make an offer.

Your offer – Too low an offer can put the seller on the defensive and may result either losing the deal altogether or ultimately paying more. It may even damage the environment needed to result in a win-win negotiation. Alternatively, an offer that is too high may not only cost you more money but could also cause the seller to be less agreeable with other terms and conditions contingent to a sale.  Your broker can guide you to making the right offer in your best interests. That's what we're here for.