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Crewed Catamaran Charters & Vacations
Crewed Catamaran Charters & Vacations
The British Virgin Islands & Caribbean
Crewed catamaran charters and vacations are the pinnacle of luxury cruising in the British Virgin Islands and Caribbean. We have 15 crewed charter yachts operating out of our catamaran vacation base in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

We take care of everything: catamaran crews, chef and sailing activities including snorkeling, kayaking, lessons & more!

This is luxury sailing at its finest with a premium on comfort, space and relaxed cruising in beautiful surroundings. Forget a cruise ship with overcrowding and tourist trappings. Instead, picture yourself sailing in the Garden of Eden enjoying our luxurious sailing, power or mega catamarans.

What is a Luxury Crewed Catamaran Charter Vacation?
Catamaran Crewed chartering is the ultimate choice for those would like to ease into sailing or for those who want to experience a larger catamaran. Catamarans over 60' are usually only available with crew.

The "crew "on the catamaran will consist of a captain, cook, and deckhands and or Steward. The crewed catamaran can also consist of just the captain and chef depending on the size of the catamaran..

A crewed sailing vacation allows you to completely relax and take as much of an active part in the sailing of the catamaran as you wish. You're at ease because you have a crew who, in addition to being your personal tour guides, they are looking after the catamaran, the food and the cleaning. You're on a floating resort where the scenery always changes, the food is prepared as you like it and you never run out of things to do.

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How do we choose a Luxury Crewed Catamaran?
Why choose a crewed catamaran vs. monohull?
What kind of activities are there to do?
How much do catamaran sailing vacations cost?
Where will we be cruising?
What is the most popular destination for catamaran sailing?
What will the meals and beverages be like?
What is not included in a Luxury crewed catamaran charter?

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