Introducing the new Lagoon 40

Launching in Fall 2017

Two models cannot be combined in one without creating a rich ‹‹blend of know-how››. This is a successful wager for the new 40.

This new Lagoon represents the symbiosis of Lagoon's two generations of 39 and 400: a receding rig for higher performance, a self-steering jib for easier maneuvering, a larger space and warm comfort give us the new 40-foot vision for Lagoon.

The cockpit is reminiscent of the 42, and its design was entirely conceived by Nauta Design. We are proud to present below this 40, available in 3 and 4 cabins.

To discover this fall!


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    Brian says

    Was looking into the lagoon 40. The 3 cabin with a washer and dryer. Thank you

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    Jack says

    What is the mast height, need to be under 63'

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    Steve says

    send me the business plan for the new Lagoon 40 and put me on the September wait list.

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    Ron says

    Always good to see new small cats especially more livable.

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