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Catamaran Sailing School

Through a unique partnership, "Well Suited" serving The Catamaran Company and Blue Water Sailing School are offering special rates for sailing school when you purchase or charter a catamaran through us. What better way to learn to sail than on your very own vessel. For more information about the program, please inquire below.

Blue Water Sailing School has been introducing students to the sailing lifestyle since 1989. Our award winning instructors represent over two centuries worth of combined sailing experience, and they pride themselves on a hands-on approach to education.

We focus on providing both "book knowledge" and authentic, practical experience. Our fleet represents a wide variety of popular mid-range yacht types, and we're one of the few schools that anchor at a different location every night. When you finish a Blue Water Sailing School course, you won't just have a certification. You'll have real-world practice that gives you the confidence and skill to

Well Suited, The Catamaran Company's new team concept in brokerage design, is made up of three Yacht Brokers, a Charter Broker, a Yacht Administrator and a Service Manager who all work together to insure that our Buyers, Sellers and Renters have the best possible experience. Our top priority is to insure that the catamaran you bring home with you is well suited for your lifestyle, not only for today but one that strategically fits into your long term goals.

The concept truly is cutting edge in that it focuses on the strength of the team, customer service and long term repeat business. We typically find that a yacht owner buys a new boat every three to five years. Well Suited takes the necessary time and devotes the human resources to assist in your long term plans. What you need/want today ... what you are looking to grow into or downsize after realizing a dream ... proper market placement ... resale value, etc.


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