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CRAIG ALLISON, Services Manager

CRAIG ALLISON, Services Manager

4005 North Federal Highway, Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 USA

Phone: (954) 727-0016 ext. 4662
Fax: (954) 727-0024


Craig grew up in South Africa. His main interest as a child was scouting, where he achieved the Springbok Scout award (the highest achievement). After completing school he joined the military and served with 1 Parachute Battalion. After completing his military service Craig went to university and got a bachelors degree in Marketing management.

Craig moved to the US after completion of university and was the general manager of a busy restaurant for 2.5 years. Unfortunantly the restaurant industry never held much interest and Craig moved down to Ft Lauderdale. Once in Ft Lauderdale Craig began doing some part time work on some of the larger private yachts. Soon he was working on yachts going from major refit to refit learning a wide range of skills necessary to provide service on boats.

Soon enough he began his own yacht detailing business which grew into a small business providing a variety of services to yachts. The opportunity to work as the service manager for BH Marine came about and the rest is history… or will be one day!