Launching Cannes Yachting Festival 2017

Although officially presented next September in Cannes, the SEVENTY 8 will be unveiled in preview before her departure for the Mediterranean this summer, during private visits organized by the shipyard in Bordeaux.

In the adjacent picture, the technical elements of the engine block are mounted: The SEVENTY 8's first two hulls will host the most powerful engines available: the 580 HP engines. In the engine compartment, there is also a generator and an air conditioning unit.
The boat is equipped with four tanks with a capacity of 8,000 L.

The SEVENTY 8 #1 is being finalized in the new Bordeaux 6 building. She will leave the shipyard at the end of May for her launching.


The SEVENTY 8's interior designer Patrick Le Quément describes this new great yacht as a beautiful landscape or a painting, which can be admired since the first glance, revealing her uncluttered lines and immense space. She then can be discovered in every detail, disclosing the infinite care that she has been given. She is a perfect live-aboard boat, releasing serenity, the desire to chill and stroll, to take possession of her many wellness areas, and of course, that makes you want to leave ... far away.


"The SEVENTY 8's roof is animated by soft shapes, enhanced by compartments that stage the volumes, not only to emphasize her slender lines but also to communicate a reassuring solidity. The upper portholes adopt a stretched shape that reflects a rich architecture, thus allowing to highlight her proportions. On the flybridge, arrangements are made to exploit this privileged space to the full. Yet another confirmation of the overall consistency of her design."

Last but not least, everything on this boat has been designed, improved and refined so that one can find what is expected of a large yacht's design; that is to say, the beauty of the lines and proportions subtly mastered, as well as every small detail that makes and confirms the whole. And as the architect Le Corbusier so adequately used to say: ‹‹the detail is not a detail, it is the design››.


630 MY... The front deck pictures

A new living space!

Thanks to this new option, you can enjoy a new world of relaxation and exceptional views in a sociable environment and at any time of the day.

In addition to the front cockpit, nearly 202m of platform replace the traditional trampoline of the boat to provide additional living area.

Deckchair, coffee table, poufe... Everyone is free to furnish this space according to their tastes and wishes.

Download the photos of this option in the the press kit's USB flash drive.



Bordeaux 6, the future building dedicated to the SEVENTY models

Bordeaux 6's building work has started in January 2016, after about three months of soil preparation following the demolition of the former building. The Bordeaux 6

plant will be partly operational from January 2017, when the molding workshop will be in working order. Then the output will increase progressively in the course of winter up until spring 2017.

Bordeaux 6's building has been constructed in particular to enable the building of Lagoon new flagship boats, namely the SEVENTY 7 and the SEVENTY 8. It benefits from a molding, deburring and assembly flexibility according to the output increase.

With a 13-meter hook height and a 35-meter frame span, Bordeaux 6 will be the roomiest building of the whole shipyard.


LAGOON: over 30 years of solid experience, serving the future

Since it's creation in 1984, Lagoon has developed expertise in building catamarans. Making the most of space for exceptional comfort, design, high quality construction and responsiveness to our clients' needs are the main principles underpinning our approach that have helped to establish the brand's reputation.

A world leader in its field since 2003 (with over 3,800 boats built to date), the hulls of all boats in Lagoon's range are designed by VPLP, naval architects whose achievements in designing multihull boats are unprecedented.

The Lagoon Motor Yacht Story started in 2000 with the Lagoon Power 43. Despite its success, this model was stopped in 2006 in order to release some slots of production for the benefit of the Sailing range, which sales kept on growing over the years. The Lagoon Sail and Motor Yacht range is sold by a network of nearly 80 passionate, specialist distributors worldwide. The network is expanding year on year and Lagoon now has a strong presence in emerging markets such as South America and China.


Why Lagoon Motor Yachts?

Lagoon presence in the Motor Yacht's area allows us to offer new navigation possibilities while keeping the comfort and pleasure of being on the water on board a Lagoon catamaran.

Lagoon took inspiration from the recognized sea faring qualities of proven hull shapes to develop its new Motor Yacht range: safe and user friendly catamarans, with incomparable comfort at sea or at a mooring, with a long enough distance cruising capacity to significantly widen their owners horizons .

Discover the 2 Motor Yachts by Lagoon : The 630 MY, blue water cruising catamaran that was praised unanimously during her launching.
The SEVENTY 8, the new flagship catamaran of the line, to be presented during the fall 2017 boat shows.


630 MY


A best-seller in her category

This new bluewater cruising motor catamaran, which marked Lagoon's proud return to the Motor Yacht sector, has a strong personality: while its exceptional seagoing qualities (inherited from the famous 620) and its outstanding range enable it to undertake long ocean passages with total confidence, the comfort and luxury of its accommodations also make it a superb home on the water, whether moored or on passage...

Two years after her launching, 21 boats have been built, making the 630 MY a best-seller among the motor cruising catamarans of 60'.

NEW FOR 2016

A hard foredeck, a new living space! Thanks to this new option, you can enjoy a new world of relaxation and exceptional views.

Nearly 20 m2 of platform replace the traditional trampoline of the boat to provide additional living area.

Deckchair, coffee table, poufe... Everyone is free to furnish this space according to their tastes and wishes.


ocean cruising with total peace of mind


Hull lines ensure that the trim has minimal longitudinal impact at 16 knots. Our aim was to create a hull that is both fuel-efficient and easy to handle. Short keels allow to beach the boat and protect propellers and rudders.


The 630 MY needs just two 260 hp engines ( Volvo D4-260) to sail at a cruising speed of 12 knots (maximum speed 16 knots). With its efficient fuel consumption and 3 - ,050 l fuel capacity, the 630 Motor Yacht is perfect for long-distance journeys.

On deck

The 630 MY's flybridge has been completely redesigned: 2 steering stations with 2 big screens each, a large folding dining table to starboard , a bar area and an impressive sunbathing area forward - not to mention a hard top/bimini with sliding roof and the new hard foredeck (2016).

Interior layouts

The comfortable layout of the 620 has been a key factor in its worldwide success, and its principle was retained: a lateral or central galley, 4, 5 or even 6 cabins... Only the chart table has been modified for a perfect adaptation of the boat to his new career as a Motor Yacht.

The 630 MY is designed as well for coastal as for offshore cruising. The elegance and the finish of its interiors are qualities that largely contribute to make the 630 MY a yacht for the most demanding cruisers.

Length overall:  19,50 m / 64'
Length waterline:  19,05 m / 62'6''
Maximum Beam:  10,00 m / 32'1''
Draft:  1,20
Standard engines:  2 x 260 CV / 2 x 260 hp
Fuel capacity:  3,050 l / 806 US Gal.
Fresh water capacity:  960 l / 254 US Gal.
Interior design:  Nauta Design
EC certification:  A 14 ; B 14 ; C 16 ; D 40


Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
(winds < 10 Kn, 20 to 50 cm chop)
2 x VOLVO 300 CV/HP


5 4,7  0,94 
1,600 8 12 1,50


12 42 3,50
3,500 17 115 6,76

the transatlantic crossing: a full-scale sea trial.

On her launching year, the 630 MY crossed the Atlantic to rejoin the Miami International Boat Show, where she created quite a stir among motor yacht bluewater cruising aficionados! During this full-scale test, the crew were able to judge for themselves the high standards of luxury and comfort on board, both interior and exterior, and more particularly her outstanding autonomy, powered by her two fuel-efficient Volvo engines, and her Long-Range option (additional tanks permitting to reach a capacity of 1,268 US Gal.).



The SEVENTY 8, the largest Lagoon of the Motor Yacht range, will be launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2017. Here are the first statements from those who were involved in her birth: ‹‹This grand Lagoon, the flagship, clearly has the soul of the Yachting world, while remaining generous and embracing nature. Designed by putting people at the heart of the process, it's the gentle giant of the Lagoon family..›› Marc Van Peteghem ‹‹ We wanted to give effect to this new ambition to provide the SEVENTY 8 with the DNA of the Yachting world with a design that visually proclaims our quest for excellence.›› Patrick Le Quément



This new Lagoon had to meet the requirements of our owners and clients that are above the qualities that we already offer in our range of big catamarans.

Lagoon imagined, with the help of our design office and the interior and exterior designers, a world in which elegance, conviviality, living space, freedom of movement are all presents ...

This new catamaran, a masterpiece of innovation. offer unique services to this day at Lagoon.

Launch Year 2017
Length overall:  23,80 m / 78'1''
Length waterline:  23,05 m / 75'9''
Beam:  11,00 m / 36'1''
Standard engines:  Volvo D11 510 CV / hp
Fuel capacity:  8,500 l / 2246 US Gal.
Fresh water capacity:  1,500 l / 396 US Gal.
Architects:  VPLP
Exterior design:  Patrick le Quément 
Interior design:  Nauta Design




bespoke catamarans from CNB

CNB has been building Lagoon catamarans of over 50 feet since 1999. It therefore seemed logical for Lagoon, a world leader in building cruising catamarans, and CNB to join forces and develop a new generation of catamarans for their respective clients - bigger, better, more 'CNB' superyachts...
With expertise in both aluminum and high-tech composite, CNB is one of only a handful of manufacturers that allows its clients to choose the material best suited to their sailing plan.
The biggest names in naval architecture have joined forces with Lagoon and CNB to design these sail or motor- driven super-catamarans, including Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost, Philippe Brand, Bill Dixon and Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design.

Several projects drawn up for Lagoon Custom have attracted potential clients. On demand, specifications and costs are available.


Lagoon on the coming Boat Shows

Multihull International Boat Show (La Grande Motte) France April 21 - 23, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42, 450 S, 52 S, 560
Newport, CA Boat Show USA April 27 - 30, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42, 450 S
Lagoon motor: 40 MY
Victoria boat show Canada April 27 - 30, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42
Feria Nautica de Cartegena Colombia April 27 - 30, 2017 Lagoon sail: 620
Annapolis Spring boat show USA April 28 - 30, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42
Salón Náutico de Palma Spain April 28 - May 2, 2017 Lagoon sail: 560
Keels & Wheels Lakewood Yacht Club Seabrook (Houston) USA May 6 - 7, 2017 Lagoon sail: 450 F
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Australia May 25 - 28, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42
Lagoon motor: 630MY
Multihull Boat Show (Portsmouth) United Kingdom June 24 - 26, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42
Sydney International Boat Show Australia August 3 - 7, 2017 Lagoon sail: 39, 42, 52 F
Lagoon motor: 630 MY
Helsinki International Boat Show Finland August 17 - 20, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42
Open Yards (Orust) Sweden August 25 - 27, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42
Osla Boat Show Norway August 31 - September 3, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42
Stockholm International Boat Show Sweden September 1 - 3, 2017 Lagoon sail: 42