# Deflategate is definitely a thing of the past and 
4 years later, Deflategate is just a blip on Tom Brady''s transcendent Career!    

Now, there is no longer any need to wonder anymore about the truth behind those shrunken balls. 

But there is one thing you can always still trust and never have to guess about and that is Our Ultra-Low Bareboat Rates aboard our brand new, kitted out, hardcore catamarans.  

Book a Lagoon 450 Fly-bridge model this winter in the British Virgin Islands and save 30%!

We decided to shrink the prices to soften the blow this Super Bowl Sunday!   Let''s go sailing in the British Virgin Islands, after the Super Bowl that is!

View our BVI Catamaran Charter Fleet in BVI

Legacy 35''s x 2
3 Cabin layout  Available in Tortola, BVI

Lagoon 50''s x 2
Collection of 5 and 6 cabin layouts available from December 2019 

Lagoon 500 x 1
5 Cabin Layout.  Available Now in Tortola, BVI

Lagoon 450''s x 7
Collection of 3 and 4 cabins available now in Tortola, BVI  

Lagoon 42 ''s  x 6
Collection of 3 and 4 cabin layouts available now in Tortola, BVI

Lagoon 52''s x 3
5 Cabin Lagoon 52''s available from June 1st in Tortola, BVI

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Lagoon 39 x 1
Available now in Tortola, BVI.  

3 Cabin Layout.

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