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Mega Millions Fantasy: AWOL at Anegada Lobster Festival.

People across the country are fantasizing about retiring early, buying catamarans, jetting off on a charter in BVI, lounging around for their rest of their lives and simply going AWOL with a win of the Mega millions Jackpot that has hit a record-breaking $1.6 Billion.

What would you do with the money?  

The Catamaran Company in BVI suggests your first fantasy item is to book dream vacations on catamarans like AWOL, Lagoon 42 and to enjoy Thanksgiving this year on the beautiful island of Anegada, British Virgin Islands.

As you probably have researched the odds of winning and matching five numbers is 
1 in 303 million chance  and it was recently reporting that you have a better chance of experiencing a vending machine accident.  That''s why we are discounting  AWOL,Lagoon 42
of  40%  during the Anegada Lobster Festival for you as it is a way more realistic goal of getting to sail in the British Virgin Islands.

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Catamaran vacation

BVI sailing catamaran charter vacation

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ANEGADA LOBSTER FESTIVAL runs for two days from November 24 to November 26 and all local restaurants and establishments will be participating in this event.  The dates fall over Thanksgiving week this year.  Your fantasy vacation is really not far off....

Charter ''AWOL'' 
Lagoon 42 for as low as $6,230 for 7 days for twelve guests. That price includes all those hidden charges like cruising taxes, cleaning, insurance and permits.

That''s only $148 per couple per day!  

AWOL, Lagoon 42 comes with 4 cabins/4 heads/2 singles/salon conversion and 4 heads/showers.  Sleeps 12. Air conditioning and generator.  

Regardless, good luck in tonight''s drawing of the Mega Millions.
We hope you win or at least know someone close to you who does!

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BVI sailing vacation

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The 5th annual Anegada Lobster Festival is for everyone who loves food, loves lobster, loves the Caribbean and dreams of the British Virgin Islands! Anegada Lobster Festival 2018 is a two-day culinary event held on the shores of Anegada on November 24th and 25th, 2018. The event was created to entice our community, visitors, new travellers and the niche market of food connoisseurs to the shores of the British Virgin Islands to experience our versatile tourism product. The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board, together with the population of Anegada, will feature talented local chefs who will be on hand to prepare, cook, and serve plated sample lobster dishes at participating Anegada restaurants.

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