My new boats are about to Launch!!

2019 Lagoon 450 

2019 Lagoon 520
"Nauti by Nature II"

"Sitting at the helm of a beautiful sailboat has always been my ''happy place''... and keeps me sane! I live by the rule ''Work Hard, Play Hard''... and had been chartering from CatCo for about 10 years - and consider them family now. I fell in love with the Lagoon Catamarans (perfect example of beauty and performance) - and decided that I wanted one of my own - to sail with all of my friends and to sit on and write the two books that I have had ''in me'' for the last 12 years! Thanks to Lisa Eberle - who I had shared this dream with - it became possible! I was in Frankfurt, Germany one night in 2013 - and got a phone call at 2am Frankfurt time. It was Lisa, saying ''I have your boat Melly!!!! It''s a Lagoon 450!!!''.... and that was the beginning of an adventure that just continues to grow!!

I loved my 450... and always will... but then I had the opportunity to sail the Lagoon 52 the following year - thanks to the staff at CatCo. I fell in love with the 52 - and had to have one!! I got to fully customize her to my specifications - thanks to Hugh, Lisa, Didier and Marianne!!

''Between the Sheets II'' and ''Nauti by Nature II'' will be my 4th and 5th boats with Catco. As some of you are aware, I lost both ''Between the Sheets Again'' and ''Nauti by Nature'' when Irma hit last October. The Catamaran Company does an outstanding job in maintaining and booking my charter catamarans, so I did not hesitate to order two new boats the week after the hurricane hit! Both are due to launch the end of July 2018. Call me if you need to chat about catamaran ownership or if you want to rent a boat and join me on a flotilla.

I was a charterer for many years before I became an owner - and as I am an owner based on the love of the Lagoon Catamarans, versus as an investment, I have taken great care to customize both my boats, with myself and my guests in mind. The first thing I did was to make sure that the fore-peak cabins were comfortable and could be used as additional cabins. I worked with the Base Staff Head mechanic, Didier (who is amazing), and had him air-condition both cabins. I also ordered extra stools that can be used for the inside table or the table on the back deck (both full size tables, as I have found the cocktail tables to be useless). I then added the biggest chart plotter that I could fit at the helm - even though I know the islands like the back of my hand, I am aware that many of my guests do not - and find a chart plotter very helpful. Both boats have gas barbeque''s as we catch lots of fish when on-board.

Nauti by Nature has a water-maker, which makes 80 gallons of water an hour, and I added a full fridge so that she has three fridges and three freezers....

Please contact Catco if you looking for a week charter on my boats in BVI.  You won''t be disappointed and some special offers are now being offered!....

Happy sailing .......Captain Mel"

View our Tortola Catamaran Charter Fleet.

A Boutique Collection of New Lagoon & Gemini Catamarans.
Choice of 24 New Catamarans ranging from 35 to 52 Feet.

Water Makers, AC and Generator  aboard and choice of 12 pm or 5 pm start.

Legacy 35''s x 2
3 Cabin layout  Available in Tortola, BVI

Lagoon 50''s x 2
Collection of 5 and 6 cabin layouts available from December 2019 

Lagoon 500 x 1
5 Cabin Layout.  Available Now in Tortola, BVI

Lagoon 450''s x 8
Collection of 3 and 4 cabins available now in Tortola, BVI  

Lagoon 42 ''s  x 6
Collection of 3 and 4 cabin layouts available now in Tortola, BVI

Lagoon 52''s x 3
5 Cabin Lagoon 52''s available from June 1st in Tortola, BVI

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Lagoon 39 x 1
Available now in Tortola, BVI.  

3 Cabin Layout.
** Valid on New Bookings Only due to time frame of departure date
**Valid on 7 day charter only.

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