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St. Martin
An island with two faces: the peaceful elegance of the Old world French culture on the French side provides you with the superb cuisine, intimate cafes, art galleries, "boutiques" and the tranquility of the many clothes-optional beaches. In contrast the hustle and bustle of the New World of the West Indies on the Dutch side provides duty free shopping and the thrill of nightclubs and casinos, for those who wish for the change. Use the base at Marigot in the French quarter to launch yourselves on an exploration of the quiet and unspoiled Anguilla to the North and the abandoned sugar plantations of St. Kitts and Nevis to the south. Maybe the adventurous can push on to sample the delights of Antigua - the Caribbean Yachting capital - home of the world's most elegant yachts, while the more peaceful will love the sophisticated St. Barts, the "Saint Tropez" of the West Indies, jazz and Cognac, baguette and croissant, fine wine and happy times day and night long.


St. Martin
Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 - Shopping in St. Martin
Day 2 - Road Bay, Anguilla, 15 miles
Day 3 - Crocus Bay. Anguilla, 10 miles
Day 4 - Gustavia, St. Berths, 25 miles
Day 5 - Baie Colombiers, St. Earth, 4 miles
Day 6 - lle Fourche, lle Pinel, 12 miles
Day 7 - Return to St. Martin, 12 miles

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